Sunday, October 26, 2014

More Rain (Every Bit Helps!), Celebrating 22 Years, and Another Bunny Protest at the Lazy Vegan!

Another busy week has come and gone - and with it, some rain!  So wonderful to wake up during the night to hear pitter-patter - love the sound even more with a drought going on!  This week the foreman and I celebrated 22 years of marriage - woo hoo!  Can't believe it has been that long (and still going strong!).  Tons of critter activity this week with a bobcat sighting, coyotes and more - don't miss the video of two coyotes and the appearance of a buck (turns out coyotes seem scared!).  Had another successful protest at Whole Foods Market for selling rabbit meat - and this time three live (and beautiful) bunnies helped out!  Wasabi could never do that - she prefers to do her campaign work from the comfort of her house!

 I took better photos of this wonderful buck but they are "trapped" in my new camera and I have to read the manual to figure out how to retrieve them.  Technology!

 Morning cuddles.

The following are from today's protest.  We had a nice turnout and were well-received by customers who are appalled that Whole Foods is selling rabbit meat.  And - this was amazing - at the end a small group of us went into the store with one of the real bunnies - straight to the meat case (you should have seen the expressions on the meat clerks' faces!) - and a video was taken that may or may not be made public later of what happened when the manager came out.

 Very windy and hard to hold the banner straight sometimes.

 Some customers wanted their photo taken with the bunnies!

 The foreman would have been there but he had an open house - so this fellow was our token male!

 Going inside...

To the meat case.  Shocking, but it makes a point - right above the whole frozen dead rabbit bodies.
Wasabi shows off my new shirt.

Rain on the way!
Super happy fish!

Our anniversary cards to one another!
Whoa - wouldn't want to be caught in this web!

Working on more posters.

Happy anniversary!  The foreman picked out this beautiful ring at a local store - which I love, but is too big...so I returned it the next day.  WHOOPS!  That was a mistake - (sorry, hubby of mine) - so back I went to repurchase it the next day and I'll have it resized!

The dweebs!
Changed up my walking routine and am back on the trail I used to go on - and it has a new section that I love!
On the paved portion I naturally noticed scat - animals love to leave their mark on certain areas.

MORE scat!

And more!
Milling about having fun being a bun.

The donkeys pose!

Helping clean up.

Now THIS is exciting - I finally think I have figured out a way to get Bravo to sleep longer and hence get more sleep myself.  I bought a large gate to keep him (and Toby) in this room at night and I put up his water at an earlier time in the evening - and I'm thrilled to report that I got eight solid hours of sleep for the first time in YEARS!!!!!!!  So I think it is going to work!

Being silly in my new Giants hat with the bunny while the World Series is on!

 Fun with Snap down at the Barlow!

Blankie time..

Invasion of the turkeys!

The weekly pose!

My silly boys.

Mystery egg shell in the donkeys' pasture.

Trees make great scratching posts!

Enjoying a beautiful day!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!