Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Little Bit of Rain, a Head-Shaking Coyote and Other Amazing Things at the Lazy Vegan

Red-shouldered hawk perched on top of the pine tree.

It was SO exciting to have a little bit of rain this week at the Lazy Vegan!  Although when I went out to feed the donkeys in the dark in my flip-flops I was in for a surprise when I encountered MUD.  Time to get out the muck boots!  Paco and Luigi were a bit amused to see me sliding around in their corral.  Another busy week so not as many photos as usual - but I am still really enjoying my new camera and especially the free (and excellent) YouTube tutorial videos - very helpful since the manual it came with is pretty spare.  A lot of coyote visits again this week from the same, scraggly, head-shaking little guy or gal - definitely has a bad case of ear mites or something else going on.  How I wish I could coax him or her inside for a bubble bath and some flea meds!  

The fish seem so happy and healthy and it is a blast to watch them swimming around!

 Geese coming in for a landing.

 Dinner time for the fishies.
 I haven't yet figured out the indoor settings on my new camera...but here is Wasabi's living room playground in neon.

 Foggy morning!
 Cobweb hanging from deck, with pergola in background.

 SO much fun being a bun!  How can Whole Foods Market (and others) even consider killing these precious animals?  Or any animal, for that matter.  We don't need to be adding any more animals to any meat cases anywhere.

Just your typical evening with the canines and the bunny.  Note the dog in the bunny bed.
Wasabi loves to help clean!  Especially if it means she can nibble on the vacuum cleaner!

Busy keeping clean.

Having fun in the living room.
And then BACK to the kitchen!

Paco shows off a bit of mud on his hooves.

And wet eyelashes.
Wet dog paw prints!

Hanging out in the drizzle.

Showing off our shoes/hooves.

White egret far, far away.

That's the donkey stare-down for dinner!
Sleepy gang.

Toby stumbled and fell over more times than I could keep track of this week.

Snuggling with the foreman while he reads his Kindle!

LOVE the blue-bellies!

Rain on the way.

Charging around having fun.

And kicking up dust!

It cracks me up when they both suddenly have an itch.

Very clean rabbit.
I love a bit of crispness to the air lately.
LEAPING back into the kitchen again!
Bunny goes off to explore.
Hoping for more rain this coming week!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!(OMG - don't miss the coyote doing his biz!).