Sunday, October 5, 2014

HOPPY 5th Birthday to Wasabi and More at the Lazy Vegan!

HOPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to Wasabi today at the Lazy Vegan!  Hard to believe it has been five years since the day this little angel bunny hopped into our lives!  What an experience it has been - we went from knowing nothing about rabbits to being practically experts with a free-ranging bun who pretty much runs the household!  If it weren't for Wasabi, I doubt we would be involved in protests outside of Whole Foods right now - it is just a reminder of how once you have a relationship with an animal of any species, everything changes.  Wasabi had a great birthday party complete with custom hay cookies ordered from BunSpace (which she generously shared with the dogs).  The doll bed from IKEA that arrived a few weeks ago was her birthday gift - but obviously the dogs pretty much took over it (Wasabi uses it once in a while as part of an obstacle course - she likes to bound over it). 

Lots of excitement on the critter cam this week with bobcats, coyotes, and a surreal video of a rat fighting a spider!  OMG!  Wildlife is WILD!  I continue to figure out new things on my new camera and really love the zoom function - crazy how so many things look better when you zoom in on them from far away.

Protests continue in the campaign against Whole Foods for selling rabbit meat - there were several in NYC today - plus new information coming out about the conditions for rabbits before they are slaughtered for Whole Foods - and it is NOT the "compassionate" humane scenario that Whole Foods wants consumers to believe. More protests in our area coming up soon.

Click on above photo to read the text - 38 bunnies died in one day ON THE WAY to the slaughter house - disgusting and deplorable.  There is NO humane way, actually, to kill any animal for food.
The foreman with the birthday bunny!
Checking out the hay cookies!

My precious little bun-bun.

Picking out a letter to eat!

The dogs join in!

Bravo was being very uncharacteristically polite.

Finally he decided to eat a cookie!

A special card below from one of Wasabi's bunny pals from BunSpace!  (Hear that, Whole Foods?  Yes, rabbits have pals on social media!!)

 Birthday morning.

Looked out the window the other morning to see a bunch of wild turkeys hanging out!

They look hilarious on the donkey fencing.

Playing around with the zoom lens - took this when on my way to retrieve a critter cam from the hill - so FAR away!

Play time!
Paco and Luigi love to play with sticks - so cute!

Interesting big clouds this week.


The fishies continue to thrive - no babies yet!
Silly Paco.

And goofy Luigi.
Pair of turkeys making their way.


The fish are super friendly and the foreman loves to chat with them at feeding time.

Was fiddling around with the zoom...
...when suddenly a hummingbird popped into the photo!

Kicking back.

Pretty much Queen Bun of Everything.

And she knows it!

Challenging times for Toby - falling more than he's staying upright lately.


Lots of bunny photos this week in honor of her special day!
Yep, that's Wasabi under that blanket - getting a nail trim at the vet!  It takes two techs to do the job.
Sweet old man.

Toby enjoying the bunny bed.

Kale salad with veggies from garden.
Busy litter box girl!

 The foreman hard at work in the yard.

 Saying good night to the donks.
 The weekly pose!
 The foreman always climbs over the fence and I go through it!  The gate is only used when we're taking the donkeys out or the vet or farrier or other visitors come - or when I have to haul in pine shavings for the barn.
 Popular bunny bed...with the dogs!

The cactus looked like a rabbit this week!

Zoom lens, of course!

Saw my long-time friend from high school, Andree, today - we had fun catching up at our favorite cafe!

Beautiful coyote this week on the critter cam!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - Bobcats, Coyotes, and an amazing rat fighting a spider!!