Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jury Duty Unlike any Other, No Relief from the Heat and Another Whole Foods Protest at the Lazy Vegan!

                                            The moon - taken with my new camera!

What a bizarre week it was at the Lazy Vegan...little did I know when I went to the courthouse on Monday to report to jury duty that I would be selected for the final jury and would sit on one of the weirdest criminal trials EVER!  Let's just say that it involved a Native American man in full dress (feathers, deer hide jacket, the works), a semi-truck driver hauling a huge load of propane and what became referred to as "Exhibit 3" and was used in various re-enactments by lawyers from both sides and just happened to be a sex toy.  OMG!! And, I was the foreperson when it came time to deliberate!  Holy cow.  I will let the blog reader fill in the rest by imagination (some of you lucky readers already got the full wacky story). I just have to say that for my first jury ever, it was pretty darn riveting!  Verdict?  Not guilty.  The "beyond a reasonable doubt" thing really gets one to thinking...and the evidence just wasn't there.

In other news, am so READY for some Fall weather but it hasn't come yet - still dealing with a mini heatwave and we are all tired of it!  Ready for rain, or at least some brisk breezes!  It was super hot in Petaluma today for the Whole Foods protest - a group of us were out there for the bunnies while others were volunteering at a big Pet Expo to spread the word there.  Our next protest will be in two weeks and then we will probably try to get out there weekly to help stop Whole Foods from selling bunnies in their meat cases!

Zoomed in on this little squirrel with the Panasonic Lumix FZ200!

Amazing red.

Had fun wearing a different belt each day to jury duty.  On the first day, I set off the metal detectors while going through security - but then I got smart and took my belt off each time!

Wasabi checking out what Bravo has.
Flying bun!

My little cutie pie.  So hard to think of anyone eating her.

Toby's awkward stance at the water bowl.  Nothing is easy for him these days - even getting a drink!

Lounging donks.

Didn't take as many photos as usual this week due to getting home late from jury duty!
The weekly pose!

The Chinese Hi-Fin "shark" is getting bigger!

Donkeys playing on a foggy morning.

Getting ready for the protest!

Looked out the kitchen window to see the foreman in the water feature!  At first I thought he was cooling off - but of course he was adding plants and doing pond maintenance stuff.

The foreman peers in to say hi to Wasabi.
Sweet birdy.

Nap time with "Buddy".

The living room to herself!
Bravo is fully recovered from his mystery illness yet STILL wakes me up at odd hours - SO tiresome!

Morning of the protest - sitting with the bun - the way it should be!
 Photos below from the Whole Foods protest in Petaluma today!

It was REALLY hot.
When we first arrived, a group of us went inside to use the restroom - and I posted a rabbit flyer on their bulletin board and left some in the bathroom.

It was nice to meet some people I had only known from Facebook.

Alas, the foreman couldn't join us this time - so Chris from the Bunny Playground was our only male.
Right smack out front!

My friend Deborah bravely went up to the meat counter to photograph this "whole rabbit".  So sad.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - featuring Scraggly Coyote!