Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, More Rain and Old Toby is Still Wagging his Tail at the Lazy Vegan!

Fun holiday week at the Lazy Vegan with a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration at Snap's house, including a post meal (and pre-pie) walk in Luther Burbank's garden! And a day later rain came - always now a welcomed sight.  Toby continues to be a tail-wagging old pup happy to eat his new food and waltz around in his traction socks.  I don't think it is possible for him to get any thinner, though - so am hoping that his new food will put some weight on him - and if not, then we'll know that he is heading down that path.  He is really a sweet old pup and loves to snuggle now - something he rarely did before (years ago, when he was obsessed with his ball he hated to be held) - so I am enjoying bundling him up in his blanket and hanging out with him for as long as we have!
(Technical issues with this blog post with photo captions - some stick but most don't - so the photos will have to speak for themselves).

 Yummy smoothies and new vegan cheese - plus a bunch of fresh pineapple guavas from our tree!

 Super easy to make cauliflower soup!

 The following are Thanksgiving Day photos - thank you again to Snap for hosting and for making it almost all vegan!!

 Missed Karina and Nick this year - they were in Oregon visiting relatives - so I took a photo of the big photo in Snap's living room of Karina with Toby!

 Having fun with Sparky!

 Whoops!  Out of order - Wasabi doing her "dramatic rollover" back at home!

 The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!