Sunday, November 2, 2014

HOPPY Halloween, Happy World Vegan Day and Happy Day of the Dead at the Lazy Vegan!

What a week of holidays at the Lazy Vegan:  Halloween, World Vegan Day and Day of the Dead!  We celebrated them all in some fashion.  Since the donkeys refuse to dress up any more (they're big boys now), their contribution to Halloween was sniffing a pumpkin in their pasture!  But Wasabi agreed to pose for an extended photo shoot!  

The foreman and I celebrated 7 years of veganism on Nov. 1st - which happens to also be World Vegan Day!  Pure coincidence - seven years ago I had no idea such a day even existed!  It also happens to be Day of the Dead - I love the colorful tradition but didn't really do anything for it this year - I happened to remember at the last minute that I had some socks with a Day of the Dead theme on it - so I wore those, and Toby tried them on, too.  Poor Toby - he needs a lot of help these days - he's my falling-down senior pup big time - his little hindquarters just don't have much  in them any more, but he's still managing to get around and is wagging his tail!

The Halloween Photo Shoot!

Getting clean, mid session.

Sunrise at the Lazy Vegan.

The trio!

Carrot-apple-ginger-lemon juice - matches the kitchen table decor!
Oh. My. God.  This orange and white cat followed me along the trail for a long time one morning - and just the night before the foreman actually said "I want an orange cat".

But I think he belonged to someone who lives in the one of the houses along the trail...
Am really enjoying my early morning trail walks.
I go, rain or shine - a bit muddy, but otherwise fine!
With Snap at the Barlow -chowing down on a vegan scone!
Beautiful cauliflower at the farmer's market!

Mystery "Police Box" at a house on the walk back to Snap's!
The foreman's Halloween costume!


Very fond of the fish - they are all different.
Bunny ready for bed.
The turks are back - come around every day now!

Begging bun!

More turkeys.  Their feathers are so beautiful.

It was great to see the clouds gather for more rain this week.

Homemade vegan pizza time!

Look at the open mouth!

The fish, the sky and the photographer.
Typical evening.

Wasabi's yoga pose.
Eating out to celebrate a closed escrow!

Bun ready for fun.

Sweet weegie.

Donks having fun!!

Weegie practically standing.  As in upright!

Old, old, old Toby.

The bun waits for her salad.

Walking in the leaves.
Bravo looks comically petrified!

The foreman snapped this photo as we were both unloading our cars...his with real estate signs from his open house, and mine with protest signs from the latest protest against Whole Foods for selling rabbit meat!

The foreman wanted to photograph the last blooms - and with me in it!

Woo hoo - seven years vegan and going strong!!

The foreman's latest project - running a pipeline for water drainage from the water feature.

The weekly pose - I had no idea my old camera was on this fun function!

A rare outing in the hot tub for me - the jets are so powerful that I have to hang on!
How the old pup manages to eat - not easily.

Luigi has been especially cute this week.

My Day of the Dead SOCKS!!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!