Monday, November 17, 2014

It is Pretty Much All About Toby this Week and Another Whole Foods Protest at the Lazy Vegan!

TOBY, TOBY, TOBY, TOBY...what a week it has been.  After suddenly starting to decline - including falling and not being able to get up - I made a vet appointment for Toby, where after consulting with the vet we decided time was up for Toby and that she would come to our house tomorrow to help him "transition" to his next adventure.  Of course, this was all terribly, terribly sad and I resolved to stay strong through the weekend and to spoil him as much as possible. Perhaps due to the spoiling - including extra treats - Toby perked up.  And continued to perk up!  Still falling, but eating with enthusiasm, interested in sniffing and taking walks, etc.- so after days of agonizing and looking for "signs" that the decision was correct, I decided a short while ago to postpone - and cancelled "The Day".  Instead, I will take him to see the vet tomorrow and we will try putting him on some new pain killers (he has issues with meds) to keep him comfortable and will let things unfold - he may very well still need to "go" in a week or two - but for whatever reason, tomorrow is not the day.  He is sixteen and a half and there's no doubt -that is old for a pup!

And in other news (although the week really was pretty much ALL about Toby!), we had another very successful protest at Whole Foods for selling rabbit meat in Sebastopol - check out the photos in this post - very proud of my mom and husband (a.k.a. the foreman) for being out there with me!!

Our little old man.

NEW RABBIT VIDEO - featuring Wasabi & Bravo - watch closely for four different photos!
Copy and paste link - for the life of me I could not post actual video here.


The donkeys doing their thing.


Belated blog this week due to all the Toby drama and protest.  And now I do not quite have it in me to come up with captions for photos.  So this will be mostly a visual blog!

Butt scratcher tree!

The huge banner I ordered!

Almost forgot - such an intense week - I had 20 bales of hay delivered!

Claire tending to Toby after he fell down.
What we thought was going to be the last long visit...

Visit from Karina!

The fact remains - he is a skinny and very old pup - I will not let him continue if his discomfort cannot be alleviated with drugs.

Also, this week - a vet visit for the donkeys - time for their shots!  We love our equine vet.

Fallen...and can't get up.  By making the choice to keep on going, I will have to either put Toby in a small padded area when I leave or take him with me.  Unless by some chance new meds will give him mobility back.

The photo above cracks me up - that's Wasabi doing a dramatic "roll over" - look at her back feet in the air!

 The following photos are from the Whole Foods protest in Sebastopol!  It was quite the day - including an arrest of one of our activists for standing in the wrong place passing out leaflets (and then not moving)...Whole Foods actually called the police and asked for a citizen's arrest!

Copy and paste link below to watch video of arrest (I took above photo while another activist filmed).


 Snap across the street!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week