Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Falling Terrier, a Visit from the Farrier and Orange is our Favorite Color at the Lazy Vegan!

Morning at the Lazy Vegan.
Our main concern this week has been for the oldest canine resident of the Lazy Vegan...Mr. Toby.  Suddenly he seems to be going downhill fairly rapidly - now when he falls, he FALLS - there is no getting up unless we help him.  His back legs just do not have the strength.  I'll be taking him to the vet this coming week to see if we can make him more comfortable with some low dose painkillers, and I have started to have "the conversation" with him that I had with Boulder & Solo before they passed - telling him it is "okay" to "go" and that he doesn't have to hold on for us.  Having said that, he is still eating, sometimes wags his tail and enjoys going on short walks - so we aren't quite there yet, although I don't like the idea of leaving him at home unattended in case he falls!  He's getting extra attention and warm heating pads at nap time and I think he appreciates all of it.  

In other news, we bought an outdoor couch for the deck and love it so much that we just ordered the matching chairs!  It is a great place to hang out and the dogs and rabbit love it, too.  We picked orange cushions - because orange just seems to be our favorite color at the Lazy Vegan!  

The donkeys were super good for the farrier this visit with no issues at all - no bucking or acting out - just stood like patient equines while they had their hooves trimmed.  Now we're good for another two months or so.  Next on the agenda:  ordering more hay! Never a dull moment around here - and I'll have to go hand-pick the hay before it is delivered since the quality has been hit-and-miss due to the drought.
Wasabi explores the "new" deck area!

Toby likes it, too!

The foreman turned our old kitchen table that has been in the cabin (with a custom copper top - it is the table we actually bought the very day we got married!) into a cool coffee table!
Wasabi loves the fresh air.

 Toby's awkward stance.
 Relaxing with Bravo and then with Toby on the new couch!

Lazy afternoon.

Having the run of the living room.

My little old guy!

The foreman's painting project - touching up the copper railing and painting the coffee table legs.

Selfie with Old Pup.

You can't go wrong with greens and beans!
Beautiful blue skied morning with the donks.

The foreman takes a selfie - with the donkeys!

Posing with the boys!

Weegie gets a butt rub!

The weekly pose!

Photo by Snap - look closely at her clever fork headband on Buddha - to keep the cats away!

Wasabi got some new toys:  colorful stacking cups and plastic keys!
She loves to push the cups around and toss the keys.

Old Toby hangs out in the kitchen while I cook dinner.
With one of his heating pads.
The new toys...at first she just stared at them.

Getting ready to fling the keys!  And yes - these ARE baby/toddler toys!

Oh, and a slinky, too!

Bravo joins in the fun.

Time to rest after so much playing.
These boys know how to have a good time!

Red sky at night - sailor's delight.

Toby shows off a new sweater - ever since his haircut he's been a bit colder.

The morning crew.


Salad time!

Donkeys at end of day, waiting for hay.

A walk before the farrier arrives.

Hoof trimming time!

Hoof trimmings!

Toby also shows off a new little fleece jacket.

Waiting for dinner while I do barn chores!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!