Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Solstice and Counting Down to Christmas at the Lazy Vegan!

Beautiful buck by the driveway!

Busy week before Christmas with another Whole Foods Market protest and planning more this coming weekend, some landscaping new projects by the foreman and more!  We had more rain which is really wonderful - no complaints even as I slipped around in the mud in the donkeys' corral.  The donkeys were pretty happy to have some sunshine today, though.  They like a chance to dry out their coats and run around.  Few critter cam videos this week - unfortunately my one decently working camera now appears to be leaking - so when it rains, the lens fogs up - hopefully it is a fixable issue.  In the meantime, I see plenty of wildlife here during the day!

Morning time.

More morning fun!

When I open the "bunny drawer" Wasabi loves to come check it out and maybe score a chewstick!
She is loving the new kitchen arrangement.

Weegie checks out where I just cleaned in the barn.
The weekly pose!
And with Luigi, too!

Toby is hanging in there - quite spry and still eating enthusiastically.

My Beetle is now the bunny mobile - perfect for loading with protest materials!

During the first break in the rain the donkeys went crazy running around.

OMG!  When I saw these socks in a store I just had to have them!
Rainy day fun with the bunny bed from Ikea.

Explorer bun!

Rainy day barn donkeys!

Toby striking some poses.

And doing some hallway pacing...

He is pretty darn adorable in his old age!

Spending time with the bun before heading off to the protest.

We got soaked and endured harassment from Whole Foods management - they called the police, who said we had every right to be there - just need to get a permit for the extra long banner.  So we rolled that up and I'll be off to the police station tomorrow to apply for a permit for next weekend's protest.
Management tried to serve us with trespassing papers which we refused to take.

One of my favorite new bunny friends on the left - an amazing animal activist who has done tons of work to help all animals, especially recently circus animals.  Plus her mom on the right who was visiting from out of town!

Very friendly police man assured us we were well within our legal rights.

Mean manager.
Management actually moved this sign on the left right next to our information table.
So we posed by it!

This was unreal - a woman signed our petition with a baby bunny in her coat - she had rescued him/her three weeks ago and was totally enthused about it - keeping the bunny indoors, of course!
Back home letting the banner dry - it was soaked.

Morning time with the trio!

There's nothing like eating breakfast with a bunny lounging at your feet.

Later in the day, waiting for carrot treat time!

More fun in the sun for the donks.

Including dust baths!

This pose really cracks me up!

Luigi hee-hawing way too early for dinner!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!