Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas, the Arrival of the Foster Bun and Another Protest at the Lazy Vegan!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  We had a nice, low-key holiday at the Lazy Vegan!  A super fun Xmas Eve dinner at Grandma Snap's house, too - and when we returned home that night we had an urgent message asking if we could foster a rabbit for a few months to free up space at SaveABunny for 19 injured baby bunnies.  We thought about it for about three minutes and then said yes.  The bunny we are fostering was found wandering the streets of Vallejo badly infested with mites and terribly skinny a few months ago - then went to the S.F. Animal Control and eventually to SaveABunny were he was neutered by their vet and treated. I was (and still am) pretty nervous about fostering - Wasabi has been an only bun for five years now and while we sometimes talk about matching her up with another bun it has never happened (indeed, she has attacked prospective suitors on dates in the past!).  But I figure we could certainly commit to a few months and put the little bun upstairs.  Well, he is adorable...I picked up Jiffy Pop the day after Christmas and he has settled in very nicely upstairs thanks to the help of the foreman spending virtually all day with him on his first day here.  I spend a lot of time, too, but don't want Wasabi to think she has been replaced - plus there are other creatures here (Old Toby!!) who need my help.  But all in all things are going very well and in a month or so we will get professional help from SaveABunny to "introduce" Wasabi and Jiffy Pop (who we are now calling "Rufus").  So stay tuned!  And in other news, we had another protest at Whole Foods - where the manager actually took flyers that two employees had accepted out of their hands and threw them in the garbage!  Whole Foods Market really does not want the truth about the bunny meat to get out!

Pre-holiday fun hanging out.

Business as usual before our routine was disrupted by the arrival of Foster Bun.

Old Toby posing for Christmas!
And Bravo's Christmas pose!
The following photos are from Christmas Eve - yummy dinner followed by a fun wind-up penguin race!

We finally got to meet Paul's beautiful girlfriend, Maja, and love her!!

Paul's shoe next to Grandma Snap's shoe...

Christmas Day - putting on Old Toby's traction socks!

Party bun.
Grandma Snap gives her gifts to the animals!

Beautiful day for Christmas - and the donkeys came out too!

Maja and the trio.

Had fun with Kim and her 90-year-old mom!

Unfortunately Karina was sick and couldn't make it - so we really missed seeing her and Nick this year!!
The first few minutes at the Lazy Vegan with "Jiffy Pop" (Now Rufus).  He came with his stuffed teddy bear!!  He would check in with his bear every few minutes.

I brought him home around 1:00 and the foreman stayed upstairs with him till late in the evening.  He was scared at first but really warmed up quickly.  Poor little guy still has ears healing so we have to be careful not to touch them.  He came up for pets right away.

Meanwhile, Wasabi was downstairs, oblivious.
Eating dinner.
Checking in with his bear.
Wasabi generously donated one of her Xmas gifts - a Hopper Hideaway - plus one of her "back-up" Buddy stuffed animals - but once we saw how attached he was to his bear we put that away.

By nightfall he was settling in - using the litter box flawlessly!

And hopping on TOP of the box - something Wasabi has never done!

He is a New Zealand rabbit - the exact same breed that Whole Foods Market is raising and butchering.
Our foster contract! We "agreed" to two months - but I seriously doubt that Rufus will ever leave the Lazy Vegan...

Grooming bear!

Protesting again!!

This is the box that the foster bun was in when I picked him up!  I talked and sang to him all the way home.  My friend Cathy picked him up from SaveABunny along with a pair of bonded bunnies that she is fostering for two weeks and I met her at her house.  When I first opened the box to peek inside in her kitchen, I saw a scared little white bunny and a stuffed bear staring back at me.
Day two - roaming around upstairs!

OMG - exploring!  Wasabi has never gone into the bathroom - she refuses to leave a carpet!  So this will be a challenge...
Standing up on the bathroom garbage can!  OMG!

Hop, hop, hop.

Meanwhile - the Queen Bun reigns downstairs.

He has a real sweetness to him.  He was really scared the first morning when I went up to give him breakfast at 5:00 a.m. and thumped like crazy - but settled right down when I stayed with him and petted him.  

I think Wasabi knows SOMETHING is up!  The dogs, too - but they have been surprisingly good.
Day three - exploring the upstairs balcony!

He is a funny looking little guy which makes him even more endearing.

One day at a time - am praying that when the time comes, Wasabi will love him and the other way around!!

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