Sunday, December 7, 2014

Some Great Rainfall, a Magical Mushroom and Another Whole Foods Market Protest at the Lazy Vegan!

It was fantastic to have so much rain this week - almost felt like a normal Winter!  Our Bravo is terrified of thunder and Wasabi gave a few "thumps" to show her disapproval, while deaf Old Toby was oblivious.  The donkeys got extra pine shavings in the barn and lots of straw in the mud for traction (which means a lot more clean up work later).  With the rain comes greener grass...and mushrooms!  I spotted the mushroom above on my morning walk.  When I showed the foreman, he immediately correctly identified it as the Amanita Muscaria mushroom - not edible but beautiful!  It really looked magical coming upon it - I kept waiting for fairies to come out of the trees!

We had another protest at Whole Foods Market this weekend - this time in Petaluma.  People really are very surprised to find out that Whole Foods is selling bunny meat and that they are raising the poor bunnies in an Ag Gag state (Iowa), where by law you cannot film or record in any fashion the conditions in how the animal is being raised.  During these past few months I have really come to dislike Whole Foods Market and especially their very misleading marketing - and I think the rabbits are just the tip of the iceberg.  We will continue to protest and do other activism until they stop selling rabbit meat.
 The foreman has been busy with a new landscaping project and is doing a fantastic job!

 My "Bunnies are Friends, Not Food" t-shirt!
 In Petaluma, smack outside of Whole Foods Market.

 A bunny named "Honey" helped out!

 The owner of Amy's Kitchen signed our petition and customer feedback slip!

The magical mushroom the day after a rainstorm - it turned into a birdbath!
Toby wandering around at night.

Toby thought the arrival of the Christmas tree was intriguing!

Old Toby staying hydrated.

Where is the REAL bunny?

Old Toby hanging out with Wasabi.

The boys giving me "the look".

Still loving the zoom on my new camera!

Mushrooms by the donkey corral.

More pineapple guava (our tree is booming) and peppers from the garden!  My Christmas decor!

My easy-as-vegan-pie Xmas tree routine:  locate it in storage, unwrap it and viola!

Bravo loves to hop up on my desk whenever I forget to push in my chair!

Time for relaxing.

The traction socks do wonders for Old Toby!

Storm clouds coming.

The boys enjoying a break in the weather.

Headed in for dinner!

Rainy day fun in the barn!

Did someone say SALAD?
Roasted cauliflower and polenta - yum!
Old Toby!

He is really doing well - I am so glad he is still with us.
The foreman coming in after feeding the fish.  Our "shark" is hibernating and doesn't eat any more.  I cannot imagine doing that!
Donkeys staying dry!

Got a new cookbook and found these adorable bunnies at a local store!

Green grass!

More barn fun - including peeing in the barn!

 Wasabi listening to me sing!
 Beautiful deer visitor!
 Silly Weegie!
And Paco!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week (very few - I have to fix three cameras and the one working one got fogged up during the wet weather so I had fifty blurred videos!) - plus two "non-critter cam" videos!