Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Big Storm Puts a Dent in the Drought at the Lazy Vegan!

The big storm that was forecast for California came and went - and it WAS big!  Very windy with lots of rain - I think it made a dent in the drought - and definitely made more "greenery" come alive!  The donkeys weathered the weather in their nice and dry barn but they were very wide-eyed at me the next morning, and Bravo had the nervous shivers!  Old Toby's deafness made him pretty much oblivious and Wasabi didn't even thump.  And that's your big storm report!  In other news, Old Toby continues to do just fine in his traction socks and has a very good appetite...who knows...perhaps he will make it to his 17th birthday!

 Morning time at the Lazy Vegan.

 Knocking over those stacking cups!

 Playing with toys is exhausting!
 Time to wake up those lazy dogs.

 We got a much bigger carpet for the kitchen - and now Wasabi has more area to hop around in - so she can help with some chores!

 The foreman continues his landscape projects.
 GREEN grass after the storm!

 More landscaping projects!

 You have to look really closely to find "Sharkie" hibernating in the water feature - his tail fin is on the lower right - he has been in this position for weeks now.  Amazing.  The other fish are not hibernating.

 Bravo on the look out.

 Old Toby visits the foreman!

 Traction sock Toby making the rounds!

 Paco's coat gets really curly after he gets wet.

It never fails - peeing in the barn right after I've cleaned it!

The trio ready for their noon-time carrot treats! Old Toby is sock-less because I have to take his socks off each time I take him outside - rather tedious.

Wasabi loves the new improved kitchen area!

Silly bun.

A couple of days after the storm the trail still had a lot of water.
The turkeys walk around the foreman's carefully planned landscape job.

Old Toby's holiday pose!
The trio on the "old" carpet.

Sometimes Old Toby has trouble getting all his paws tucked into bed.

Wandering the hallway!

Paco demonstrates a dust bath from start to finish!

The foreman dug a trench for putting down drip irrigation.

We had a huge pile of gravel delivered - woo hoo!

Wasabi's reaction to the newly rearrange kitchen - at first she was NOT a happy camper!

Flood waters below.

Poor donks!

Bravo watching the weather news.  We lost power but luckily just for seven hours.

After the storm we spent time with the donks!

Salad time!

And my salad:  kale "massaged" with avocado, spicy mustard, nutritional yeast and lemon juice with peppers - YUM.

Airing out after the storm right outside our front door!

Weegie drying out, too.

Vegan buckwheat pancakes with all the trimmings!

Wasabi decides to head down to her "living room playground".

 Walking from downtown Sebastopol back to Snap's house.,.here we are reflected in the library's window!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!