Sunday, January 25, 2015

An Emergency Call to the Donkey Vet for Poor Paco, More Stressful Bunny Bonding Sessions, and Old Toby Slowing Down at the Lazy Vegan!

This week really just flew by - a blur of days of bunny bonding sessions and an emergency visit from the donkey vet for poor Paco who suddenly came down with a viral form of colic and had a fever of 105!  He was acting not quite himself one day and then that evening refused to eat.  That is a serious sign - it has actually never happened to either donkey before despite Paco's various bouts of illness in the past - he always ate even when he was sick.  So we wasted no time calling the vet.  Naturally, they were closed for the day so we had to get the emergency on-call vet, and she was far way dealing with another sick equine - by the time she arrived at the Lazy Vegan it was 8:00 p.m. and cold and dark.  Paco actually started to nibble on hay moments before her arrival.  She examined him, discovered the super high fever and gave him a shot of banamine with the foreman's help (he tried to hold Paco still while she administered the shot in the neck - not an easy task!).  The following day he was a tad improved but still not himself, and so I had to give him more meds via a mouth syringe which I'm getting pretty good at - although for the second dose he is always "on" to me!  Days later he is much improved but I would say still not 100% himself.  When I see him running and playing again, I'll know everything is back to normal.

If that wasn't enough stress for the week, the bunny bonding sessions were not going that great - Wasabi managed to take a chunk of fur right of out of poor little Rufus - right on his face!  And this was right with the foreman smack between them (bunnies move fast!).  So we are back to bathtub bonding sessions where Wasabi can't get much traction to move around.  Today she displayed the most athletic move I have ever seen her do when she somehow propelled herself up and over the edge of the deep clawfoot tub (!!!) - luckily I was right there to catch her and put her right back in.  OMG.  Bunny drama!  Then we followed with a first-time bonding session on the deck and that went quite well. This is a PROCESS.  We are trying to remain calm and will just be consistent and hope that with time they will learn to get along!

Paco starting to feel better.

The kitchen set-up - where both bunnies are now spending part of the day - a forced togetherness in separate pens nearby!
Hanging out with the boiys.

The foreman took a lot of photos of me with the donks today!

I hate it when Paco - or any of the animals - are sick!

A flyer I saw with Snap on our Sunday outing.  What a cool program!

After our walk and coffee outing!
 Bathtub bonding!
 Deck bonding!
 Little Old Toby is starting to slow down this week.  I have noticed a big difference when we go out for a walk.  Now I have to carry him half-way through it, especially up hills.

Enjoying the sun!
Little Wasabi is still adjusting to the idea of a second rabbit in the house!!!

Toby and his green socks - I found the missing one.

So adorable to come upstairs and find Rufus napping on the doll bed!

He is a great little hay muncher!

The lily pads have all turned colors.

Day before he fell sick - I should have noticed the signs - a lot of standing around.
The fruit orchard - ten trees - are all planted!

Sweet Old Toby.

Waiting for the vet to arrive.

Selfie with Paco - this will be the weekly pose!
Nibbling on a bit of hay.

Filling up a bucket with warm water for the vet - she was going to try to hydrate Paco with tubes up his nose but he said NO WAY.
Medical supplies...
The back of a well-stocked vet truck!  She was a very nice and competent young woman.
Rufus napping with Bear.

With Wasabi peering in!
Side by side salad eaters!
The foreman adores this little guy.
Wasabi spends time with the dogs and with me in the living room before going up to spend time in separate areas upstairs with Rufus.

I got these great personalized salad plates on Shutterfly!

This bonding technique of living in close quarters - along with "dates" - is supposed to work over time.
Music while eating!

Also had a visit from the farrier this week!  Here the boys enjoy a walk beforehand.

The farrier does his thing!

Showing Luigi the hoof trimmings.
Another bonding session in the living room.
Relaxed AFTER the bonding session!

Foggy morning!

Out hiking for coyote scat in my muck boots and red bathrobe in the wee hours!

 Was so happy to see Paco joining Luigi for a dust bath - it meant he was feeling perkier!

This is just fantastic:  Rufus is not at all afraid of the dogs!!

Concert video at dinner time! (Above).

The dogs sniffed noses with Rufus and were very polite.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
(Still have only one working camera - hope to resolve this issue soon!)