Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year, Foster Bun Settles In, and Happy Belated Birthday Celebration for Claire at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy (HOPPY) 2015!!!  We really had no idea as 2014 wrapped up that we would have a second bunny in our house - but are now so happy that we do - just have our fingers and paws crossed that both bunnies will get along when they are officially introduced later this week!  Rufus (he arrived with the name "Jiffy Pop" but as cute as that was, it was too hard to say) is an adorable and mellow little fellow with an adventurous side.  He loves hanging out on the couch with the foreman, who has been spending a great deal of time upstairs with him making sure he settles in! So far 2015 has been filled with beautiful (although chilly) days. Hoping this month will bring more rain but enjoying a bout of dryness in the interim.  Happy Birthdays to Paul and Claire this week!! Thirty and twenty-six years old - OMG!!

The adventurous bunny!  Saw that the door was left open to the cabinet, so went on in to investigate!

Hopping to it!

Miz Wasabi never climbed like this!

Lots of lounging opportunities this week.

Handsome Rufus.
Adorable Wasabi.
This little guy loves naps!

On New Year's Day early in the morning, I went up to discover that Rufus had escaped his x-pen area and was sitting at the top of the stairs!  He was scared but settled down after I picked him up for a long snuggle.  I then swapped out the shorter x-pen for a much taller one!

The puppies have not tried to go upstairs but I think they know something is up!

Yoga pose.

Just a lot of Rufus photos this week just because!!

Happy donks.
Rufus is so excited when I bring up his salad every day.

Wasabi loves salad time, too!

Wasabi treated me to one of her "dramatic rollovers" the other day.  I love it when she does this!

We have been bringing down the bear that Rufus arrived with for Wasabi to smell and groom each night - she even "chins" it to put her scent on and then we bring it back for Rufus to check out.  We're hoping this will help with the bonding process.
Queen Bun.

I have no idea how it will all work out with the dogs and two bunnies - one day at a time!

Silly Paco.  I haven't been doing the "weekly pose" lately.  Some traditions are going to have to go now that I am busier with one more mouth to feed!

Photos from Claire's 26th birthday celebration!

Claire's aunt Jan and uncle Carl had some fascinating stories to tell from their months at sea on a small boat together!  Really an amazing adventure!  Bravo hopped up on their lap so he could hear all about it!

Rufus likes the guitar music!

Checking out Bear!


Morning snuggle time.

He loves to hop up on the coffee table - something Wasabi has NEVER done - so we have to be careful to not leave food or the remote control out!

Wasabi in her bedroom hang-out.  I clean up a lot of boxes toys and hay each day!

More snuggle time.

Zonked out.

He is SO adorable.  So is Wasabi - we are now surrounded by adorableness!

Let's hope they fall in love at first sight.

Donkey time!

He's looking forward to exploring the rest of the house!

We set up a pretty darn good area for him upstairs - with afternoon sunlight coming in.
Pretty darn nice set up downstairs, too.  OMG.  Our house has been taken over!
Toby likes to sleep in the kitchen while I make dinner and clean.

Taking a break from his socks while he naps.

I'll always have a special place in my heart for my beloved Wasabi.

Toby cannot believe there are now TWO rabbits in the house!

More climbing!

 I love the way he sleeps!  Wasabi usually sleeps in more of a sitting up position.  For two nights in a row, Rufus went to the second level of his Cottontail Cottage at 10:00  to go to sleep - he actually put himself to bed!

Just one reason why the bunnies are INDOORS.

This is a "super hero" pose, folks!  This is one relaxed rabbit.

COLD mornings!
Those cheeks!

More exploring.
Ready for salad!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! (My New Year's resolution is to get the critter cams all in working order again)!