Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Wacky World of Bunny Bonding and More at the Lazy Vegan

 It is official - we are deep in the midst of two dating rabbits who are not so much "dating" as they are getting used to the idea that they've been forced into an arranged marriage!  And we're the inexperienced chaperones, whisking them from one room to the other.  It is exhausting and emotionally draining work that keeps you on your toes (because you never know exactly when the fur may fly - and it happens FAST!).  We do have signs of progress and hope that with time and a lot of patience, they will eventually bond.  Until then, daily bunny bonding sessions will continue, along with both bunnies hanging out together under our supervision upstairs.  Woo hoo - fun times!  We adore Rufus and don't regret for one second adding him to our fur family.  I think Wasabi secretly likes him, too.

 More bath tub "stress bonding"!

Entry hall date from today - for the first time we added "Bear" and "Baby" and "Buddy".

I love it when Toby gets up for a drink and still has his blanket on.

 Headed upstairs to see Rufus - you can just barely see him stretched out.
 Tail end of a binky!
 Snuggle time.  Rest assured Wasabi still gets plenty of snuggling - she gets even more - I am making sure she doesn't feel left out!

 Exploring time.

 Rufus isn't really into his stacking cups...
 Right now it is a household full of gates!

Queen Bun downstairs.

Bravo on a field trip with me to retrieve critter cameras!

The upstairs routine - with a gate between them - actually two gates so there's a space of about four inches (so they don't bite noses!).  This is working out very well so far.  They can see one another and sniff without getting hurt.

Bravo helping me feed the donkeys early in the morning - with his leash on a tree while I toss in the hay!
More snuggle time with Rufus.

Selfie at the Farmer's Market with Snap and Jennie!
Walking downtown with Snap - in Sebastopol you never know what you'll see - here is what we think is a book loaning library!

Had so much fun going to a new vegan tea room called Muir's Tea Room in Sebastopol with my two bunny friends, Cathy & Deborah!  I have stood out for hours with these two at protests - they are fantastic people.

We were all so thrilled to see an all-vegan menu!!

We loved the deer and bunny theme.

The food (more than just tea!) was excellent!

Rufus still hangs out with Bear but not as much as when he first arrived.

The donks have been loving the nice weather!

Rufus likes the guitar music!

Just about every room in the house now has bunny stuff.
Toby and his traction socks taking a nap.

Wasabi busy grooming ALL of the stuffies!

Rufus got his own Ton of Fun Bun Run!

So excited about the fruit orchard that the foreman is still planting!  Even a Bing Cherry tree!

More dating!

While the bunnies have bonding sessions, the terriers hang out in the cabin with lots of treats!

I love my "original" bunny!  Nothing will ever change that!
Coyote scat!

The weekly pose!  I'll keep trying to keep this tradition going as long as I remember it!

More of the upstairs routine.  You can see that the humans are very involved in the process!
Rufus all flopped out on the couch.
While Wasabi is on her side of the room listening to guitar music!

Salad time!
Wasabi back in her room (our bedroom) for the night.  There is now a lot of shuffling bunnies around.
More litter boxes to clean and move around, too!

Early morning hopping around!
Nap time on top of the Cottontail Cottage.

Amazing sunset!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!