Sunday, January 11, 2015

Welcome, Rufus Rousseau!!! Adopting Foster Bun at the Lazy Vegan!

A kiss for Rufus - welcoming him to his forever home!

Yes, it is true!  We are taking the leap of faith that we can bond these two bunnies and made the decision to adopt Rufus for good!!!  Welcome, Rufus Rousseau, to your forever home!  He really has made himself at home upstairs in the past two weeks since he arrived (two weeks and two days to be precise).  And we started "bunny dates" this week with the first one with the owner of SaveABunny helping make the introductions.  If you Google "bunny bonding" you'll find there is a whole world out there of advice and long articles on the process.  Who knew?!  Today's fourth date went quite well - beginning in the empty bath tub (it is called "stress bonding" - since bunnies cannot get traction on the slick bathtub floor, they usually seek solace from one another), then moving to "neutral territory" in the entry hall (where Wasabi actually nonchalantly groomed herself at one point - a very good sign considering that she was standing up and "boxing" on the very first date!), and then for the first time we swapped bunnies and put Wasabi upstairs and Rufus downstairs so they could hang out in different "territories".  Rufus LOVED hopping all over the place downstairs.  OMG!  This is one fearless bunny!  Wasabi won't ever venture off carpet but Rufus had no problem with the hardwood floor.  We are going to have to up our bun-proofing in all areas.  It was wonderful to see him speed around and fingers crossed that we can bond these two relatively quickly.  And this is all pretty much the news of the week - it has been ALL about the bunnies!  Now we really are "bunny people".  It remains to be seen what the dogs think since they go out to the cabin with lots of treats during bunny bonding time.  I think that in time it will all work out - and we are thrilled with our newest fur member of the family!

Video above of Rufus putting himself to bed...video below of the fourth bunny date!

Video of the fifth bath tub date, below!

Rufus exploring upstairs.

Meanwhile, downstairs Queen Bun is stuffing her face with hay!

 Even though we have only had five or six "dates", it already seems like so many more - they are intense little encounters.  Yesterday I happened to look up through the French doors just in time to see not one but TWO coyotes pass by - smack in front of the house during the day - during a bunny bonding session, no less - and with the dogs stuck out in the cabin!  Talk about STRESS!

Bath tub dating.

Snuggle bun.

He sure loves his Cottontail Cottage!  So does Wasabi - but she rarely goes to the second story.

Now I find myself preparing two gourmet, organic salads each evening!

During today's date, at the end we swapped areas - Rufus stayed downstairs and Wasabi went upstairs!  Rufus LOVED hopping all around (the dogs were in the cabin with treats).  Wasabi was annoyed to be upstairs.

"Hey!  I think I'm really gonna love it here!"

Knocking over Wasabi's toys.
Rufus has NO issue with the hardwood floors and he really MOVES.
Earlier in the day, Toby all zonked out.

Look closely for the FRESH coyote scat - I took this photo shortly after seeing the two coyotes - I know for sure it was coyote scat because the critter cam captured the event on film!
The foreman's latest project:  a fruit orchard!!
Selfie with Old Toby.

Snap on our trail walk this morning!

And me on the trail!

Miz Wasabi is really trying to adjust - I think in time she will be happy to have a bunny friend.
Rufus using Wasabi's litter box when we swapped areas!

He is definitely an explorer.  Maybe he will start making us dinner!

One of the coyotes - a big guy or gal.
The donks were on to the coyotes.
The second coyote (at base of tree).
Both coyotes ran off into the field below us, and the donkeys and foreman watched them for a bit.

The fish have really slowed down for the Winter!
"What do you mean I have to SHARE???"

Sleepy boy.

The donkeys are pretty clueless about the arrival of Rufus.

Beautiful days - time for more rain, though!

Rufus still checks in with his bear a lot.

He has really active times but then it is so cute how he crashes at night - and every night puts himself to bed around 9:00!  The foreman spends most of the time with him upstairs while I am downstairs with the rest of the crew.  I have my quality time early in the morning with Rufus while we watch the news.

Every morning he zooms down the ramp for breakfast!

I'm giving Wasabi extra hugs and kisses.

And another tub date - the metal strainer thing is SO important for when they start to fight.

Early morning time with Rufus.

We have definitely become true "bunny people" now - no turning back!!

Toby is doing remarkably well.  Hanging on.
Preparing the orchard spot.

The weekly pose!

Silly Weegie.

Grooming before bed.
Sweet dreams!

Peeking in on the dogs on their first day spending time in the cabin.  By now they are used to it and willing go because it means treats!

Planting trees!  So far we have a variety of apple, asian pear and pluots.

The very first date with help from Marcy of SaveABunny!

She was great since she has so much experience.  After they started fighting, she suggested putting them both in the cardboard box that Rufus had arrived in and Randy had to run around the house with it.  Sounds weird (and it was ) - but it is part of the technique for "stress bonding".  The bunnies were NOT thrilled but it only lasted a few minutes.
Bunnies in a box!
Bunny scratch!

I really learned a much better way of holding Wasabi thanks to watching Marcy do it!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!