Sunday, February 22, 2015

Learning to "Co-exist" at the Lazy Vegan!

It has been another week of "co-existing" at the Lazy Vegan - we may not have two bonded bunnies, but we do have two bunnies who are learning to share the household!  Wasabi continues to chase Rufus out of the kitchen any time he dares to enter it - although they will sniff noses and even groom near one another.  Rufus has a definite routine downstairs and if he hears the entire household up in the morning while he's still upstairs, he will bang on the gate  (really!!) to let us know he wants to join in the fun! He loves hanging out with the dogs and I think both Bravo and Toby get a big kick out of him.  So all in all, our arrangement is working out very well!

In the hallway together.

Acting like he's one of the dogs!  The three boys hang out together.

Daring to head towards the kitchen...

One of his favorite napping spots is underneath the stairs!

Or with the dogs!

Wasabi is starting to relax a bit and she even will look for Rufus first thing in the morning.
He loves playing in the bedspread under the bed!

I found this cast-iron Smith & Hawken doorstop at Target!

More exploring.

My favorite photo of the week:  Old Toby following Rufus out to the deck!

I put the kitchen gate up when I take the dogs outside or when I'm going to be distracted by something else - such as making bunny salads!  That way I'm sure a bunny fight can't break out.
Rufus enters Queen Bun's kitchen...
And is promptly chased off!

Wasabi will chase him to the edge of the carpet but will not set one paw on the wood floor!

Bubble bath, nail trim and ear cleaning for Old Toby!

Plus a little trim around his eyes.
Rufus loves to climb up on things and then bound down.
He also loves to nap on the step near Wasabi!

It is really adorable how Bravo will follow him around sometimes.

The bunnies still eat salad next to one another each night - to reinforce "good times" (eating) while being in one another's company.

Ears tucked away!

Hopping past Old Toby.
The foursome.

I love this face - I will always cherish my first bunny!!
This is hilarious to watch - kind of like a National Geographic episode - Rufus will lay his head on the step to the kitchen while Wasabi watches him.  Bunny language!

Sneaking in again.

Annoyed that the kitchen gate is up!

After zooming around the entire house, Rufus crashed in his litter box!
While Wasabi watched.  She seems to have different nap patterns than he does.

Lounging as close to the kitchen as possible.

We really lucked out that Wasabi won't go off of carpet! After Rufus goes upstairs for the night, I roll out her "ranging carpet" so she can go into the living room.

I have to be really careful walking around the house because you never know where Rufus will end up!
Old Toby takes a break on his post-bath walk.

The nectarine tree is blooming!

Lounging after salad - ready for "party time" with her mama in the evening!

The weekly pose with Paco!
Eating the blossoms!

Luigi wonders why I am not filling the feeder with hay!

Video of donkeys playing (and Paco's loud hee-haw!).
Taking Rufus (otherwise known as "Bucket" - one of his new nicknames) upstairs.

It is quite the little zoo we live with now!
The foreman's big bark spreading job.
Napping under the stairs...along with the cobwebs.

Rufus bypasses the kitchen to head down the hall.

He also likes to go up the stairs - just a few at a time.

Took this as I started up the hill to retrieve the critter cam.

Sometimes Old Toby walks right into the litter box!

More Wasabi and donkey photos next week - Rufus has now been here eight weeks so it is time to take less photos of him - as adorable as he is!  EVERYONE is cute!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - featuring another bobcat!