Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Storm Blows in, Bunny Bonding Continues and Happy Birthday to Dad and Luigi at the Lazy Vegan!

Flowers from Snap and a nifty vase have stayed fresh for over a week!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to my dad!  Am so sorry that he had to spend his birthday in the hospital and am hoping for a speedy recovery and second birthday celebration in the comfort of his home!  Luigi also celebrated his birthday on the same day!  The little donk is a whooping eight years old now!  He celebrated with a vegan oatmeal cookie topped with slivered carrots (and shared it with Luigi)!  Right after the birthdays, a big storm blew in and WOW was it a windy one.  We thought the awnings were going to tear off the house.  Nice to get some much needed rain although the poor donkeys really don't like having to huddle in the barn all day and all night long!  
In bunny news, the bonding sessions continue - we've had to resort to stress bonding since our Miz Wasabi has gone back to biting Rufus whenever she can.  So we are using the "shake the cage" method - both buns are put into a small x-pen in a neutral area and we take turns shaking the cage around them (it is very loud, and that stresses them out).  The idea is that they then seek one out for comfort.  We are also now having them live side-by-side in separate x-pens in the kitchen 24/7.  Tonight will be the first night that they do this, and one of us will sleep out in the living room to make sure all goes fine (even though they're in separate enclosures, want to make sure Rufus doesn't escape, etc.).  FUN TIMES! Still hopeful that all this hard work will eventually pay off and that one day soon we'll have a pair of bunnies grooming right next to one another - and an x-pen free house!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUIGI!  (Age 4 months here).
Stress bonding is back! I have one of my Whole Foods protest display boards up to block the dogs.
Time to rattle that cage!

Toby continues to hang in there - doing everything much more slowly and sleeping much more.
Rufus having a blast in the morning!  Now that we're trying the 24/7 side-by-side bonding, he won't be having this freedom for a while - although both buns will get separate exercise time each day.  It must feel especially weird for Wasabi since she was used to having free space everywhere.

Morning snuggles.
The crew in the kitchen.

Napping time.
Naps for everyone!

Birthday celebration time for Luigi!

Windy birthday party!

Bravo's shipment of v-dog vegan kibble arrived.  He has been vegan for a couple of months now and loves the food!

And I really love that I'm not feeding him other animals.

Storm is brewing.

The weekly pose!
Playing with the sweet grain pan!  (Check out video at bottom of this post).

Some "baby" photos of Luigi in honor of his birthday...

Bathtub bunny bonding!
Hallway bonding!

At one point, Wasabi hopped right up into the foreman's arms!

Rufus took that opportunity to polish off the salad!

This was before we reverted to stress bonding.  It was going fairly well until we realized that they had too much space - it causes territorial issues.

How I wish we could just wave a magic wand and have them BOND!

Old Toby wandering around with his blankie again.
Stormy day donkeys!

Old Toby staying nice and dry.
The adventures of living side-by-side!

The kitchen - a multi-purpose room!

Dripping wet after donkey chores.  Thankfully my awesome waterproof Eddie Bauer raincoat really works!
Hanging out with the donkeys in the barn.

 Wasabi waits for my bunny friends to arrive - we had a vegan potluck lunch and pow-wow visit to plan our next moves against Whole Foods Market for selling bunny meat!

I got vegan scones and other goodies and used my birthday bouquet from Snap to make things fancy!

Bunny guards the vegan chocolate!
Cathy and Toby!

Cathy and Deborah are awesome bunny (and all animals) people!

Rufus got some visits, too.  I had him upstairs for the afternoon so we didn't have to walk around two big x-pens in the kitchen.

Of course we had to visit the donkeys after we worked on the campaign and ate lunch!

My boots aren't as colorful - BUT they have great traction!

So cute!

Cathy is a great donkey butt scratcher!
Holding Old Toby.

 The foreman checking out the water feature during the rain.

 Had a break with sunshine for about an hour this afternoon!

 The foreman up on the ladder!

 Silly Rufus!

 And silly Wasabi!
 So hopeful - and hopefully it won't take months and months to bond...
 Sound asleep with one foot out of the x-pen!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
(Including two donkey videos at the end)