Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday to Paco, Taking a Bunny-Bonding-Break and Happy Valentine's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY at the Lazy Vegan!  Check out the short video above!

Sending healing vibes and good wishes to my dad this week - he's left the hospital and is getting stronger at a rehab facility!

One of the best decisions we made this past week at the Lazy Vegan was to take a break from the intense bunny bonding sessions.  After over a month of daily dates, we were making some progress but had hit a bit of a bunny wall (with Wasabi still biting poor Rufus) and were sick of living with x-pens in the kitchen (and the bunnies were tired of being in them during the day!).  We decided that we'll start up again after Toby becomes a doggie angel and things are a bit less hectic. In the meantime, perhaps the bunnies will learn how to get along all by themselves!  We were delighted to discover that when we brought Rufus downstairs to explore the house and hang out that Wasabi refused to leave the carpet in the kitchen to go after him.  However, if he ventures into the kitchen she will chase him off.  That's fine - she can have the entire kitchen to herself while he has the rest of the house!  And BOY does he explore - he has been in just about every nook and cranny and has emerged from under the bed and the couches with dust bunnies all over him!  And the greatest thing is that he likes the dogs and seeks their company - even napping right next to them -and the dogs are really good around him (Toby is fairly oblivious but Bravo is very well-mannered).  This scenario far exceeds my expectations.  Of course, when we are not home every bunny is safely put in their own rooms (Rufus upstairs, Wasabi in the kitchen).  And in the evening we have our usual routine of Rufus watching sports upstairs with the foreman while I hang out with Wasabi downstairs.  We tried having both bunnies hang out in the living room one evening with a long x-pen stretched across the room and that worked fine, too.  

Also this week, little Paco turned eight!  I cannot believe how old the donks are getting.   We celebrated with a vegan oatmeal cookie topped with carrots!

Don't miss the bobcat video at the bottom of this post - first sighting in a long time!

It has been an exhausting routine for the past month with the bunnies - here the foreman carries Rufus off from his pen in the kitchen to go upstairs for "freedom"!
There will be a ridiculous abundance of Rufus photos on this blog post.  Just because there aren't as many of Wasabi doesn't mean she isn't equally as loved!!!

Wasabi also still has her early morning living room routine.
Queen Bun reigns!

Beautiful skies after some rain.
Bunnies were sick of the bonding routine!!

OMG!  Time to hop everywhere!  Rufus - also known as "Ruf-Bucket" - spent hours exploring.
This is his "lurking" explorer style.

Catching some speed!
Checking out the view.

With Old Toby.

First Rufus grooms bear and them himself.

The original trio hanging out!

Toby the ghost!

Bravo and Wasabi checking in.
Toby now sleeps in the kitchen while I make dinner.  His new routine is that after he eats and I take him out, he sleeps the rest of the evening until I wake him up before my bedtime to take him out one last time. He sleeps MUCH more than he used to in the past two weeks.

Snap gave me this towel and it is perfect for Wasabi!!

Deck outing for Rufus.

Just a ton of photos of him hopping about...

He likes to hang out in the bedroom by himself sometimes.

Peering through the stairs!

The Rufus sprawl.
Wasabi has never done this - she has literally never gone off the carpet areas!
We keep making jokes about Rufus have street smarts since he was found wandering the streets of Vallejo...

Big flop out.  This means he is a very relaxed rabbit.

We were pretty amazed the first time Rufus decided to lay down next to the dogs.

Loves the window seat!

The first time Rufus was hopping all over the place, Wasabi was on high alert.  But by the second day she had totally calmed down and would just flop out and watch him from her kitchen perch.

The fishies are still thriving!

Couldn't be happier with how the dogs are with Rufus - simply amazing!

One of his favorite spots is wedged between the wall and the couch.

Saying hi to Toby.
Napping next to Toby!

Keeping her eye on that other rabbit!!

Casually using the litter box near the dogs.

I came home from my morning walk to find that the foreman had set up the "station" for Rufus downstairs.

More napping by the dogs.

Wasabi finally was able to stop being on alert and got back to her usual routine.

OMG!  Rufus hopped up on the dog bed for a minute!

Venturing into the kitchen...seconds later, chased off!

I actually think Wasabi is secretly happy with the new family member (and thrilled that the forced dates have stopped!).

Since she always spends each day in the kitchen, this new routine doesn't impact her schedule at all.

Checking out the bathroom - which we've decided is off limits.
Napping with Bravo.

Lunch date with the foreman to a Japanese restaurant that had a lot of vegan choices!

Vegan and delicious!

Valentine flowers and cute card from the foreman!

Here is how we set up the living room one evening so we could all hang out together.

It worked out great - Wasabi had her usual spot in the living room but could still use her "runner" to go into the kitchen - and Bravo would hop up on the couch to access either side of the room while Toby slept in the kitchen!

Valentine's Day was a good day for my "love" scarf.

Photos from Paco's birthday!

The weekly pose with the birthday boy!

The foreman takes a coffee break after moving wheelbarrow loads of bark. 

Valentine's Day selfie!

Rufus relaxes while Toby gets a drink.

Toby's back legs have become much worse.

Queen of the kitchen!
It was warm enough to open up all the doors (with an x-pen up for safety)!

Everyone milling about.

I love how Rufus stops to see Toby!
Wasabi in her usual resting spot.

One time Toby accidentally stepped on Rufus but it wasn't that big of a deal.

Silly Wasabi!

We have quite a full house now!

At the farmer's market with Snap today!
Copperfield's Books sale table!
Community Kale Patch!

King Rufus of the couch.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!