Sunday, February 1, 2015

OMG! A 50th Birthday - and More at the Lazy Vegan!

OMG!  Somehow, I went from the photo above to the photo below - and I'm now 50 years old!  How did this happen?  Seemingly overnight is how!  I had a great birthday celebrating both at the beach on birthday morning and the next day at a birthday party lunch hosted by Snap!  Thanks to all for the very generous gifts and birthday wishes!  They were very much appreciated and now I am still recuperating from all the birthday wonderfulness!

In other news, we are making progress with the bunnies!  For the first time ever, Wasabi groomed Rufus today.  (See photo below).  This went on for some time.  Unfortunately - and we do not know why, it was followed with some chasing and nipping.  But that could be all in the mix of bunnies-getting-to-know-one-another.  The grooming was a very good sign, and they are now having sessions lasting an hour at a time.  So we are very hopeful!

First grooming session ever!
Birthday decor!
Owl (because I am now wise) from Aunt Bubba and Uncle Neil!
Hilarious card from Dad and Deb!

Super cool things:  two bunnies together (from Snap), a bunny pendant made by Claire and a donkey figurine sitting like Paco sits from Karina!

The kitchen scene these days.

Kim arrives with a huge gift box.

Birthday cake video taken by Claire!
Snap went to a lot of work revising the 40th birthday poster to make it a Happy 50th!!
Including adding Rufus, Wasabi and the donkeys!

Dweeb sisters.
Dweeb couple!
Beautiful day for an outdoor lunch.

We should have taken another group photo because this one is missing important people!

Customized birthday banner!

Getting ready to open gifts!

Snap made incredible vegan enchiladas!

Cake time!

And lots more photos from the lunch Snap hosted...

Who knows what I'm blabbing about here!

Amazing vegan carrot and fruit cake.

 Birthday night dinner out at our favorite vegan restaurant!

Toby and Rufus sniffing noses!

We are now having the bunnies spend the evenings apart - it seems to be working out better this way.

The weekly pose with Paco!  Paco is finally fully recovered!

Rufus and his beloved bear.
The Lazy Vegan at night.

The following are beach photos from my birthday morning!  We stopped at the bakery in Freestone first for a soy latte and vegan scones and then arrived at the beach bright and early -nobody was there!

Cow on the way!

Dan's table.  I'm trying to balance myself because the bench was wet - so that's why I look so odd!

Birthday beach video!

Rufus is so silly - I was petting him while he was in his litter box and he flopped over!
Little Miz Wasabi suddenly likes the Ikea doll bed! Probably because I bought one for Rufus, too.

More birthday morning.  I bought this poncho at a thrift store and was thrilled because it is 100% acrylic - hence, vegan! (Not wool).

Birthday afternoon with the terriers.

Bonding session on the terrace!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! 
(I think I finally figured out the problem with one of the other critter cams - so hope to have more videos next week).