Sunday, March 8, 2015

An Exciting Week for the Bunnies at the Lazy Vegan!

It was an exciting week for the bunnies - and the dogs - and the donkeys and humans at the Lazy Vegan!  It isn't every day that an investigative news team comes here to film footage of house rabbits (Rufus and Wasabi) and to interview a friend about the Whole Foods campaign!  Without going into too much detail (don't want to "give it away" until it airs), this could be just the exposure we've been waiting for.  Fingers crossed - and it made for a very exciting couple of hours as the bunnies strutted their stuff (hopped around and did their thing) and the dogs mingled around, too!

In other news, Old Toby is having a harder time getting around so we decided to celebrate his 17th birthday a month early in the event that he doesn't live till April.  He had a pup party with Bravo and they shared a special doggie fire hydrant cookie - YUM!  And he got a new dog toy - which happened to be a bunny - that he later kindly gave up to Rufus who adopted it as one of his companion "stuffies"!  So adorable.  And that pretty much concludes the week, aside from the completion of the olive orchard that the foreman started last week!

With Old Toby.

Happy early 17th Birthday to Toby!  With his new bunny toy!

 Rufus LOVES the bunny toy that Toby thoughtfully gave up to give to him.

 Relaxing after his early birthday party.
 Pup party!

 Wasabi's ear says "go left"!


 Going up to say hi to Wasabi through the gate.
 Snuggle time with Old Toby.

Kitchen guard!

The following photos are from when the news team came and took over part of the house for a few hours - with huge cameras and lights in the kitchen and living room!

Old Toby watches the interview from the living room.

Since Rufus is the exact same breed of bunny (New Zealand) that Whole Foods is killing, he made a great spokesbun.

Afterwards, the donks got some attention, too!

Am hoping it won't take too long before it airs.

It cracks me up that Wasabi was in the kitchen during the interview the whole time!
Rufus checks out the big camera.

The weekly pose!
Portrait of Old Toby.

The foreman planting olive trees!

While the donkeys played!

Double donkey dinner stare down!!

This was so funny - after the news team left, Rufus decided he needed a break from the spotlight and he took a nap under the bed!

Part of the crew milling about.

Wasabi checks in with Old Toby.

Bounding into the living room after Rufus has gone upstairs!

Bucket (Rufus) and Old Toby.

Rufus just loves hanging out with the dogs - so much that I've had to postpone giving them their flea meds - because I'll have to keep them away from the bunnies for 24 hours when they have the toxic stuff on them.

This is now what happens to poor Old Toby even with traction socks on - so some decisions are going to have to be made soon - so hard since he is still very much alert and interested in things!
Rufus has his eye on you!

Queen Wasabi holds down her fort.

The boys nap!

Wasabi takes some MOUTHFULS!

The foreman holding Rufus.

Turkey with young deer.

Filling that bunny mouth again!

The whole crew staying downstairs one evening - with a gate for safety between the two buns!
Can you spot Rufus?
Saying hello.

Grandma Snap came to visit and especially to see Old Toby!

And to give him a kiss!

Plus she got to hang out with Rufus!

Rufus showed of his dramatic roll over for her.

And Wasabi got to visit, too, of course!

New trail to walk on - did this the other day with my friend Beth!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!