Sunday, March 29, 2015

Creating a New Routine in the Absence of Toby at the Lazy Vegan

Update 4/5/15 - stay tuned for a delayed HOPPY Easter blog tomorrow!
We are settling into a new routine here at the Lazy Vegan without our dear Toby - but still miss him so much every day!  That little old terrier added a lot of joy to our lives.  Plus, I was caring for him so much on a daily basis that his passing left a big void.  I've been filling it by taking Bravo on as many outings as possible and he is loving the adventures!  He really is a different dog without Toby - we realized he was used to being the alpha dog and a bit of a bully (we like to call him a "congenial bully") but now he is much more mild-mannered.  I think he does miss having another dog around - in particular, Toby - they spent years together running around and playing.  But he's also enjoying the special attention of being an only dog.  I think in time we'll settle into even more of a new routine.  I still say good-night to Toby each night that I'm walking Bravo outside - for the last few weeks of Toby's life, I talked to him about being with the stars - and now he is one!

Fun outings two weekends in a row with Grandma Snap - taking Bravo downtown to the Barlow!

Checking out Grandma Snap's "rebouinder".

With the coyote!

At Taylor Maid Coffee!

Roaming around downtown...

Loving Grandma Snap's yard!

Really fun taking him places now.
I think this was the day after Toby passed.  So heart-wrenching!  A friend of mine told me that it SHOULD be heart wrenching - our animal companions are our family members.
Bunny yoga.
Bunny lounging.

Rufus with his stuffies.
Bravo with his paw on Rufus!

Bravo definitely seemed depressed for the first week with Toby gone - and he followed me (still does) everywhere.
The foreman planting our garden!

Rufus hangs out smack next to Wasabi's area.

Quality time with the foreman.

Silly trio.

I found the painting that Toby had created for charity many years ago!

We went on many trail walks.

 And to the hardware store.

 More trail walks...
 I love how Grandma Snap put one of Toby's traction socks on her Woody dog!
 Bravo says get in and drive me somewhere!

More paws on Rufus!

Toby got a lot of sympathy cards (well, we did)!
Daily outings for Bravo.

Bravo in his special dog car seat.

Helping place the critter cam.
Silly bunnies wait for dinner time.

Wasabi wonders where Toby went to!

Couch bunny!

This rabbit can seriously nap ANYWHERE.
More exploring!

Rufus and the doorstop!

Bravo and Rufus heading to the bedroom to hang out.

Couch bunny again!

This bunny loves to climb on the couches!

Wandering the hallway again.

Napping under the bed.

Look closely - that's Rufus on the arm of the couch!

Wasabi and Bravo.
The foreman's latest project - planting cypress trees!

Selfie with Rufus!

More adventure.

Bravo's spiffy new collar - with his name and number stitched right on!

The canvas print I ordered of Toby arrived - now he's up on the wall along with Boulder and Solo.

The house from way up on the hill (with my zoom).

Bravo shows off his new collar.

That couch rabbit again!

Wasabi relaxes with Buddy.

Quality time with napping donkeys!

The weekly pose with Paco!

 Bravo at the office!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!