Sunday, March 15, 2015

Getting a Bit Harder for Old Toby at the Lazy Vegan

It is getting harder for Old Toby to get around - even with his traction socks - and boy is he skinny - but he's still enthused about eating and alert and interested in things!  After a nice conversation with the vet we decided to let him be for a bit longer - although fully aware that the "bit longer" could be really very soon.   Toby has been the main topic of the past week here at the Lazy Vegan but that doesn't mean other things didn't happen!  We had some bunny drama when Rufus decided to climb over the gate in the kitchen as I was preparing the bunny salads - and he landed right in the Queen Bun's territory on the carpet!  Luckily I nabbed him just as she went into attack mode.  It was a heads up how quickly he could climb that gate!  All he wanted was his salad!  All of us should be so enthusiastic about eating our greens! 

Rufus and his sidekick.

Grooming Rufus.
SUPER relaxed around the dogs!

Hanging out with Old Toby.

Beam me up, Scotty!

The weekly pose with Paco!

And with Bravo.

Rufus the CLIMBER.
Old Toby getting some fresh air.
The meeting at the gate.

Ghost Toby!
So silly with his blankie.

I think it is so endearing how Rufus will pick a spot near Toby to nap.

The living room scene with the two bunnies!

Hay muncher!

Big hug for Old Toby after putting on his socks.

Zooming around!

Flop out!

It cracks me up how Rufus checks in with the rabbit door stop!

Can you spot the bunny teeth?

The original trio hanging out.

Not a dog yoga pose - just Toby's mobility issue!

Rufus hanging out while Toby is sound asleep.

Bravo and Toby.  Toby is definitely sleeping more.


Silly Paco!

The boys love the fresh grass coming in.

Toby still LOVES to sneak around the litter box!

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Old Toby!

With Old Toby by the water feature.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!