Sunday, March 22, 2015

So Hard to Say Goodbye - Farewell to Toby - Sweetest Terrier to Ever Grace the Earth

Dear Toby,

Thank you for 17 years of love and joy. You were the sweetest terrier I've ever had the honor to know. When we meet again it will be easy for me to recognize you - you'll be the one with ball in mouth, tail held high - running fast and free.

We love you, Toby! Godspeed. Your new adventure is here.

Toby Rousseau

April 1998 - March 18, 2015

He lived life to the fullest - he had a BALL!

It is so hard to say goodbye to our furry family member of 17 years!  It was an agonizing decision to make but poor Toby's body was just done - it was much too hard for him to get around any longer.  We extended his life by exactly four months with the help of those adorable little traction socks.  I miss everything about him right now - his staggering little walk and endearing expression and little worn brown ears.  There's a huge vacancy in our home without him here and it will take a long time to adjust.  Toby was actually the sweetest terrier I've ever met - not an aggressive bone in his body - yes, he was obsessed with the tennis ball and that was totally his charm.  He had an intensity about the ball that was all his own! I just know he's zooming around right now catching balls and having a good time - and he knows he was very loved!

The following photos are from Toby's final day.

Rufus slept almost the entire day - very unusual - while we were waiting for the vet to arrive - perhaps he was "clearing a path" for Toby's travels!

Final hike up the hill (I carried him).

My friend Cathy came to help say good bye and offer Toby Reiki.

And Claire with her childhood pup!

With Grandma Snap!
Bravo - perhaps because he felt the energy from Cathy's Reiki - took a nap while we waited for the vet to arrive!

Waiting was really hard.

Earlier in the day.

He was up moving around right till he died - just having a lot of trouble doing so!

Rufus checks in.

 With Grandma Snap.

 Going down to say goodbye to the donkeys.

After he passed, we let the other animals acknowledge his body before burial.
 Rufus adored Toby!

We buried him next to Solo.

I miss caring for that little old pup but am so happy he is now free!
Some wonderful photos from the past - all  featuring Toby!

Toby as a baby!