Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcoming the Month of March at the Lazy Vegan

YUM - chocolate covered (vegan!) strawberry that Snap made!

Here we were at the Lazy Vegan,  just marching through the month of February when suddenly it is MARCH! So far 2015 is just HOPPING along!  We continued to have really quite a bit of harmony going on with the non-bonded bunnies getting along just fine (as long as Wasabi gets to chase Rufus out of the kitchen twice a day, she's happy).  Old Toby is still hanging in there but the day he stops eating is the day he'll make his transition - because just getting around for him has become a big chore (he still loves meal time, however!). And in other news, the foreman is planting an olive orchard!  Sixteen trees arrived today (he went to get them) and now the big planting project begins...and some day, olive oil with the Lazy Vegan label!

With Snap on our walk downtown today!
With Old Toby.

Rufus the bunny door stop!

Long snuggle in the sunshine with Old Toby.
The foreman's olive trees!

Rufus with the real bunny door stop!

So self-satisfied after chasing Rufus!

Taking a lot of selfies with Old Toby these days.
Adorable Bucket napping with Bear.
The foreman bringing Bucket down for the day.  We use "Bucket" and "Rufus" both!

On guard.

Rufus on the run.

Grooming by Bravo!

That FACE!
Waiting for dinner time.

Rufus will sometimes follow Old Toby!

Wasabi is so silly.

Hanging with the pups.

Bear is still very important to Bucket.

On some evenings, we all stay downstairs and put a gate up between the bunnies.
Rufus was TOTALLY relaxed!

Funny bunny!

Wasabi loves to look for Rufus.
Paco and his shadow!
Luigi lounges.

The weekly pose!

Rufus all flopped out near Wasabi - I came back from walking the dogs to find this.

Queen Bun still has her usual routine in the living room at night.

Running donks!

The fish are so happy!
In the evening, after Rufus went upstairs, Wasabi looked for him!

The foreman with Bucket upstairs.

That EAR!

So ready for anyone to dare enter her kitchen!

The hardworking foreman.

Nap time.

A cloud - supposed to be holding rain - drifts by.
Kitchen family meeting!  (Rufus was napping).

You can see how relaxed Wasabi really is!

These photos do not do it justice - we saw the donkeys looking at something and went outside - to find a hot air balloon above our property!

With a lot of people in the basket!

And off it went!  It was loud!
Rufus loves the dog beds.

And the bunny bed!

Stepping down.
Rain clouds - that didn't produce much!
I'm not the only one who takes photos!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - the Bobcat is BACK!