Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bravo Gets a Strange Lump in his Neck, The Bunny Body Language at the Gate and More at the Lazy Vegan!

It has been an interesting week here at the Lazy Vegan...Bravo suddenly developed a walnut-sized hard lump in his neck!  So off the vet we went.  They took a sample via a tiny needle and sent it off to the lab - and by the next day we knew it wasn't cancer, but are still waiting for the rest of the results.  I'm really hoping he can avoid surgery!  It doesn't seem to bother him and he's acting normally, but the vet indicated that it could be serious. 

In other news, the bunnies are a hoot to watch lately - their bunny body language at the gate is so adorable!  In the evenings we move the gate down to divide the living room and they hang out for a few hours.  Usually they first touch noses through the gate and then Rufus will do a "dramatic roll over" while Wasabi watches - and twice now she then did the same thing!  Hysterical - and I think a good sign for future companionship!

Wasabi at her post in the kitchen.

Rufus and Bravo have definitely been hanging out together!

Touching noses!

Rufus "chinning" the rabbit door stop.

Silly bun on the move.

That face!

Exploring while Bravo naps.

Whoops!  Left the closet open!

Oh, Wasabi!
Wasabi and Bravo hanging out.

Mower Man is back!

The donks are loving the fresh grass coming up.

Dust bath time!!

I have to try this some time!

Post dust bath snort!

Silly Weegie!

The weekly pose!

Rufus loves to play under the stairs.

On the way to the trail with Bravo!
On the trail!
And off to the trail again!

A little gathering at the corral.
Bravo at the vet!

Bravo sees a cat!  Snap took this great photo - we were in her complex after walking downtown.
Snap with a beautiful piece of rhubarb - taken from CITY HALL!
With Bravo by the library.
Bravo and his grandma!
Nobody was picking this rhubarb at City Hall!

At the Barlow.
I have excellent karma bracelets - freebies Snap got at the parade!

Queen Bun in the living room.

Nothing like fresh hay!
Bunnies at the gate!
Rufus looking for his bunny pal...

They are so much fun to watch.

Bravo the canine patient.

Rufus and "Bucky".
My little angel girl Wasabi!

Bravo's big lump!!

More bunny language at the gate.

Wasabi contemplating getting a drink.
Napping with "Bucky".  He seeks out his stuffies - I don't put them by him!

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies...

Wasabi eats hay like strands of pasta!

Rufus does his dramatic roll over!

And here he is sound asleep.

Selfie with Rufus.

Open fridge time means gathering time.
Wasabi is impatient for dinner!

Wasabi bites at the gate while Rufus does another dramatic roll over...

And then, moments later she did her own dramatic roll over!!!

They were "frozen" like this for a long time.  SOOOOO cute.

Rufus and bear.
Rufus grooms while Bravo naps.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - Featuring that elusive bobcat!