Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bravo's Neck Lump Gets Smaller, the Farrier Visits, BABY fish and a Rufus Chews a Hole in the Couch at the Lazy Vegan!

First of all, I neglected to put in the title of this post that it RAINED this week!  Such an exciting event now when it rains - I love everything about it!  I especially love waking up in the middle of the night to hear it.  It was another quick week at the Lazy Vegan with a few highlights - Bravo started a course of antibiotics for the mystery lump in his neck and it seems to be (thankfully) working - the lump is getting a bit smaller, as confirmed by my vet who ran into us this morning on our Barlow outing with Snap!  Nothing like a freebie vet visit - she checked Bravo's neck right there and was pleased with how it has improved. This is fantastic news since the alternative was to put him under to cut out a larger sample and then, depending on the results, having possible surgery.

And in furniture news, Rufus the Wonder Boy decided to sample the couch one day and put a small hole in the back cushion.  He seemed surprised when I told him that's not what the couch is for!  He's a good little rabbit and, like the foreman always says about him, he "can do no wrong".  (Neither can Wasabi, for that matter!).

The farrier visited the donkeys and now their hooves are nice and trim for a couple of months.  Next up for the "low maintenance" equine are their Spring time shots and fly preparation - I just ordered a year's supply of fly predators since the flies are supposed to be even worse this year due to the drought...yet another bummer consequence of lack of rain!

And, lastly, we have BABIES!  Baby Shubunkin fish, that is.  Have counted four of them so far.  Tiny and adorable...hope they make it!

Mr. Rufus makes himself at home on the loveseat.

I think he likes to perch here so he can get a better view of Miz Wasabi!

It is always so funny to walk into the room and find him in odd places.

Dinner time is almost here...
Morning snuggle time!
The foreman with one of his bunnies and his dog!

Check out the title of my library book!
Wasabi in her bedroom playground.
Bravo LOVES sleeping with us now and Wasabi seems to enjoy the company - she did a binky the other night when Bravo came into the room!

OMG!  The first time I have captured Rufus doing a YAWN!
Getting ready for bed.  He still puts himself to bed every night around ten o'clock.

Getting ready for bed on another evening.

The farrier visits!

Lurking around the entry hall.
The weekly pose!
Rufus seemed transfixed by the patch of sunlight on the wall.

Hiking up the hill with Bravo.
SILLY Wasabi- when Rufus wasn't paying enough attention to her, she squished her face through the gate!
Being a bunny is apparently exhausting work.
In the "man cave" watching some tennis.
Time to walk the donks!

Couch boy...on THE couch that he "sampled".
He seemed truly perplexed when I explained to him that couches were just for sitting...
He actually did listen!
And then he felt kind of bad for putting a little hole in the back cushion...
Wasabi has never really been a couch bunny although she did manage to destroy a new futon we had upstairs.

I LOVE the foreman's response to my email informing him of the hole in the couch!

The hole - about the size of a quarter.
The donkeys at dusk!

Silly bunny butt.

This was Rufus checking out one of Wasabi's cottages in the bedroom - he LOVED it so I've ordered one just for him (his is too flimsy - this one will be much more sturdy for sleeping in).

Frog legs.

The evening routine with the gate up.

OMG - a first...Rufus figured out how to make his way AROUND the gate...so we had some supervised bunny interactions without a divider!
Rufus loved it!  Wasabi didn't seem to mind because she was getting a long pet from her papa.  They stayed liked this for about twenty minutes.  We're going to start doing this every day if we can - and who knows - they may bond this way!

So close!

Flopped out.
Nap time.
 Bravo having a blast at his grandma's house!
 Terrorizing the neighbor's cat!
 At Taylor Maid coffee - Bravo looking spiffy!
 Headed back to Snap's place - love that walk downtown!

Snap getting us some shade at the Barlow!
The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!