Monday, April 6, 2015

HOPPY Easter and More at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a very HOPPY Easter Day this year at the Lazy Vegan - we spent it protesting outside of Whole Foods Market!  People still don't realize that Whole Foods is selling rabbit meat and raising the poor bunnies in Iowa - one of the worst states to be a farmed animal since it has Ag Gag law and you cannot, by law, go inside to verify the conditions the animals are in.  Just the fact that such a law can exist is mind-boggling to me.  Along with Easter this week, we had a fun early birthday celebration for Patty at Snap's house!  Great food and company!  And in other Lazy Vegan news, we are just still settling into the routine without Toby - I thought I saw his tail "rounding the bend" by the cabin and down by the donkey pasture twice this week.  It takes time to get used to living without the furry companion you've seen every day for the past almost 17 years!

Bravo is still adjusting to being the sole dog at the Lazy Vegan.
Rufus with his head on his front paws!
Living room time for the Queen of the kitchen!

Grooming her "thumpers".

The weekly pose, holiday style!

Paco the Easter Bunny!

Rufus helped me add photos of him to my protest display board.

A lot more couch hopping around this week.

Silly rabbit!

Going through old photos of Toby.
The only dog on the deck!

 The foreman was our bunny at the protest!!  The first costume we didn't like - so it went back.  Still, it made for some fun photos while he tried it out.

 Bravo and the circle of fish.
 Drama Queen Wasabi's dramatic rollover!
 Selfie with Bravo in the woods.
 Mama and baby - just up our road!
 Bravo tries out his brand new safety car harness - the only crash-tested harness for dogs!  Now he will be travelling safely and in style!

 Check out my new hat from Costco...

 HERE is the main reason I got it - look at the label!!

The second costume we got was a rented one and much better.  Here it hangs out in our bedroom.

Super hero Rufus pose.

Coming back from lounging in the bedroom.
Just hanging.

The following photos are from Patty's Birthday Lunch at Grandma Snap's House!

And these following photos are from our Easter Day protest!  THANK YOU to Snap and her friend Fran for joining us!

Afterwards, the bunny had to boogie down to the local band - check out the video, below!

Eating out at Slice of Life after the protest.

The crowd LOVED dancing with the Easter Bunny!

Arriving at the protest.

The bunny (a.k.a. the foreman!) and Snap!

Vegan candy!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!