Sunday, April 12, 2015

Relaxing Week after Easter at the Lazy Vegan

It was a relaxing post-holiday week at the Lazy Vegan!  The bunnies did their share of lounging along with Bravo and the donkeys.  The rental bunny costume was returned - probably we need to buy a good one for a regular wardrobe staple as the foreman had too much fun being a bun! Snap and I had fun running into a man on our walk today who had spent time dancing with the foreman (as the Easter Bunny) - we neglected to get his name but I gave him the blog website to check out the photos and video.  So, dancing man from Sebastopol - if you are checking in on this, please check out the Hoppy Easter blog post to the right for a video and some dancing photos!

The foreman relaxes with Rufus.
The nightly scene downstairs.

Hanging with the donkeys!

Super silly Paco!

The donkeys were looking at me in such a cute way as the foreman exited the pasture.

Rufus checking out the foreman's office.

OMG - this was pretty funny - I got a nice condolence card from my vet three weeks after Toby passed...but it was to a different dog!  A dog named "Zuzu".  Whoops!

I had to test one of my critter cameras out to see if it was still working - so brought it indoors to capture Rufus "chinning" his bear, below!

Bunny language at the gate.

Rufus heads down the hall to check out the bedroom.

Bravo is definitely more interested in hanging out with Rufus now that Toby is gone - really cute to watch!

Just exploring every nook and cranny!

Afterwards, time to head back to his station in the living room.

Wasabi and Rufus definitely have different energy cycles - she is much more active at night while he is more so during the day.

Not a bad place to spend the day!

Staying well-hydrated!

Snacking the day away.

Back in the bedroom, up pops a rabbit!
A head shaking dog and a really relaxed bun.

The blue-bellies are EVERYWHERE right now and I love them!
Good morning, Rufus!  Note the little chew marks at the top of his Cottontail Cottage.

Keeping an eye out from the comfort of her cottage.
Bravo waits for Rufus to end his nap time.
The sole dog now at the Lazy Vegan - still adjusting!
Begging bun!
Rufus ready to hop.
MORE napping.

Yippee - when Rufus goes upstairs for the night, Wasabi hits the living room!

Rufus and Bravo hang out early in the morning upstairs sometimes while I watch the news.

Dinner - lots of fresh veggies with white beans and rice and a green smoothie!

Here come the grapes...
And the peaches!

Bravo in his special car harness ready to roll.
Trail pup!
Rufus coming down for the day.
Bravo and Wasabi check in with one another.

Morning fun for Wasabi!

The weekly pose - with Paco's dirty snout!

OMG.  MORE napping!

Cheeks, cheeks, cheeks!

At Grandma Snap's house with Bravo!

On our walk.

At the Barlow with his grandma!

On the trail back home.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - including a very, very heartbreaking one of an incredibly skinny old coyote.