Sunday, May 24, 2015

A New Vet for the Donkeys, a Visit from a Great Blue Heron and the NBC Investigative Report Airs!! ...at the Lazy Vegan.

Rufus with Vicky Nguyen of the NBC Investigative Unit

What a week!  The NBC report finally aired! Was so happy with the thorough (albeit short) report that NBC did on Whole Foods selling rabbit meat - starring, among others, Rufus and Wasabi (and brief glimpses of dear Toby and Bravo!).  Full video is above.  I am very hopeful that this will be a turning point in the campaign against Whole Foods, who declined requests for interviews by NBC...because they know they're doing something terribly wrong! Bunnies are friends, not food.  

Was also very happy with the new donkey vet who came to give the boys their West Nile shots this week.  Our other vet left the practice but this new fellow seems equally as good.  The donks BOTH managed to break free of the foreman's handling and ran circles - literally - around the barn with their lead ropes flying behind them while the vet was there - and he still managed to give them both shots in the neck as they rounded the bend - a very impressive feat!  Actually, stunning!  

And in dramatic news, we had a visit - or I should say that the fish had one - from a Great Blue Heron.  OMG!  I happened to glance out the kitchen window one morning to see the gigantic bird standing on the edge of the water feature.  He or she was cartoonishly big and at first the image didn't really compute.  But then, of course, we rushed outside.  The heron flew to a nearby tree and stayed there for hours to watch as I kept guard of the water feature until the foreman could return with a pond net.  Literally, hours.  It was uncanny!  A beautiful creature - but we're not offering up fish as a meal here at the Lazy Vegan!

Rufus exhausted after all the NBC excitement.

The "bunny language" at the gate one evening.

Uh, oh...here comes trouble...both ways...

Wasabi will chase Rufus off - but not right away.

 Bravo had a grand time - as usual - at his grandma Snap's house.  Here he helps himself to the table top to better hear the neighbor's dog!

 Paco feeling his oats.
 Kicking up some dust.

 The weekly pose!
Pretty darn close and cozy for two officially unbonded bunnies.
 And caught, again, in snuggle modes!

 I think it may be time to start bonding sessions again.
Weegie!  Here he tries to avoid me since I have the fly spray in my hands...
Lounging pals.
Some evenings we all stay downstairs till late with the music on.  The bunnies especially seem to like that routine.

Rufus hears he's gonna be on t.v.!
He's ready to sign autographs!
Of course I had to wear my white rabbit pajamas to watch the special NBC report!

Rufus would have watched, but it came on past his bedtime.  There was something endearing about seeing him sleep, snuggled on his fleece blanket in his cottage while the show aired.

O.K. - Great Blue Heron time!  There he or she goes, through the branches of the pine tree.

And then hangs out in another nearby tree...for HOURS.


I made these makeshift scarecrows and we moved "Sancho", our metal musician, to the water's edge.  It seemed to work; shortly afterwards the heron moved on!

Waiting for the vet to arrive.

The new vet offering the boys a cookie AFTER he gave them the shots!  They declined.  I wish I had thought to video tape them when they were running wildly around.   
Selfie with Bravo!
Exploring the foreman's office - which is the last on the list to completely bun-proof.  With Wasabi we never had to worry since she won't venture off of carpet.  But clearly Rufus will go EVERYWHERE!

Banished from the office - the reason coming up.
Making the rounds.

Really wanting BACK into the office!

Patiently waiting outside the office ...for at least thirty minutes!

And why could a little bunny want to get into the office so badly?  Well, he had a project...and it involved the phone line!

THIS was the project that Rufus wanted so desperately to get back to!  I'm just thankful he wasn't hurt.  This happened as I was gone for just a few minutes, getting dressed - a big reminder that this last area must be bun-proofed!  Of course, I spent an hour on the phone with tech support before I found the severed phone cord.  Hee, hee, hee.  Rufus.  He can do no wrong!
Bravo can't believe the stuff the bunnies get away with!
Just another ridiculous pose.

We got to see Claire this week when she came for a visit and to photograph her beautiful Wildkind jewelry!
All the animals loved to see her.

Rufus squeezing by Bravo!
Rufus getting some quality time in the kitchen while Wasabi stays in the living room.

One of Claire's rings...and a friend!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - the bobcat is back!