Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bravo Improves, The Bunnies Go to the Vet and Rufus Has a Couch Project at the Lazy Vegan

This week both Wasabi and Rufus went to see the rabbit specialist vet in Petaluma - separate trips on different days that stressed both of them out (bunnies in general aren't keen on travel).  Wasabi has the beginning of a little eye infection that is being treated with eye drops twice a day and she is really great at letting me put them in!  And she's lost half a pound - woo hoo!  The "diet" is working and she's looking trimmer.   Rufus put on weight - which he needed to  - and now weighs 7.30 pounds.  His ears - funny looking as they are - are healthy inside. YAY!  Good reports and good news for Bravo - his mystery lump keeps shrinking, so the antibiotics are definitely working! And in other news, Rufus REALLY has a couch project - I'll let the photos tell the story!

 Rufus being a bench bunny.

 Crashed out post-salad!

 Bravo feeling good about his shrinking lump.
 After I clean the kitchen, Wasabi loves to go hang out in the cleaned up area.

 Evening time after Rufus goes upstairs with the foreman.
 Pond lily about to bloom.

 Dust bath time!

 I love it when the cactus blooms!

Hanging out in the bedroom.

Wasabi now weights 7.90 pounds - finally under 8!

Silly boy Rufus on "his" couch.

Look closely at the new rabbit lamp.

After she eats her salad, Wasabi can stare at the face of the other bunny on the plate!

Bopping here and there.

Wasabi's adorable face!
It always takes Wasabi a long time to feel like she can eat after a trip to the vet - I have to hand feed her herbs and pray that she starts to eat (remember when a bunny stops eating, it all goes downhill fast - their digestive system shuts down!).
Thankfully, she eventually started to stuff her face again!

O.K. - here is the COUCH PROJECT.  Rufus has been going into the dark corner between the couch and the wall for a long time now, obviously working on something - but we didn't really know exactly what until we moved the couch out and took a peek.  Here's what we found!

Afterwards, he was VERY interested in getting back to work.
And even more interested when I blocked it off!

Of course, he can do NO WRONG!
Telling Bear a secret.

A morning song!
Hanging out on the other couch!

Asleep right by Wasabi's area.

Claire came to visit and brought some of her amazing handcrafted jewelry -her biz is doing really well!  www.wildkindjewelry.com

I bought this amazing star ruby ring.

Claire's hand displays some of her beautiful rings.

My ring matches the lavender!

Bed bunny.
Box bunny.
See the baby fish?  It has a slight orange tint.  Turns out we have MANY babies!
Here comes trouble.

Rufus inspects my recently purged and cleaned closet!

The donkeys waiting around before dinner.

The weekly pose!
I absolutely love the lizards this time of year - they are everywhere!

More baby fish photos.

Wasabi's stuffy "Baby" waits for her at the vet while she gets weighed.
Getting some comfort from me in the waiting room at the vet.

Amazing sky!
Selfie with Bravo.

Rufus at the vet!

He refused to hop around for the doctor.

With his stuffy "Bucky".

Silly dog and rabbit waiting for treats.

Bravo's secret napping spot!

And this is a favorite napping spot under the bed for Rufus.
The trio gathering spot.

Rufus now goes effortlessly over the couch to avoid the gate put up in the living room to keep the bunnies apart in the evening -he loves to explore the kitchen when Wasabi isn't in it!

Here the bunnies are just feet apart - luckily Wasabi won't venture off the carpet!

I also got this amazing turquoise cuff ring from Claire's jewelry collection!  I justified these purchases because I had sold three big bags of clothes at the thrift store.  And I LOVE to support her biz!

Picking salads for the bunnies!

Fresh from the garden to the bunnies!

Weegie coming over for a hug.

 Another fun outing with Snap (and Bravo) down to the Barlow...first a visit with the cat at her complex!

 At Taylor Maid coffee.
 We sit at the high table looking out at the street (mainly so Bravo doesn't notice the other dogs behind him).
 It was chilly so he borrowed my scarf.  Meanwhile, his grandma Snap was getting our coffee drinks!

 Getting treats from Grandma Snap back at her place!
Who is that other dog in the mirror?  Bravo discovers another dog in my closet!  Check out the video below!  It was soooooooo hilarious!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! (only a few - having camera malfunctioning problems again - but don't miss the pair of wood rats!