Sunday, May 31, 2015

Goodbye to May, a Goddess Photo Session for ME, and Introducing the Foreman's Corner at the Lazy Vegan!

Totally fun week here at the Lazy Vegan!  In mundane news, my Beetle got new CV axle boot thingies...not like fun cowboy boots or anything, but some vital part of the inner workings of the car that was apparently falling apart.  I'd love to keep my car going for another 100,000 miles because it is cute and brings me a spark of joy (I'm all about the "spark of joy" motto lately!).

In super exciting news, I had my eagerly-awaited professional "Goddess" photo shoot - an incredibly generous gift from the amazing pair of women who own In Her Image Photography (http://www.inherimagephoto.com/) and who are "bunny warriors" and are involved in the fight against Whole Foods.   It was a gift for opening our home to NBC to shoot part of their Whole Foods investigative report.  At any rate, it was really an honor - this is something I never would have done for myself because one, I don't really consider myself to be a "Goddess" (I'm maybe more of a "Goddette" if there is such a thing) and two - I would have had a hard time justifying spending the money and attention on ME.  Beforehand, I had my first-ever professional make-up done (and was fairly mortified by the effect; I looked like a clown in drag with foreign eyebrows. Everyone assured me that the "camera would absorb most of it" and by the time the session rolled around, I was pretty used to my new look).  The In Her Image Photographers came to our house and spent hours posing me (in three different outfits, no less!) in some of my favorite spots outdoors and EVEN with the donkeys!  So I cannot wait to see the final results (takes about six weeks - so stay tuned).  I have to say that I totally felt like a Goddess at the end of it and, in fact, still do - it is kinda my new title.  Or maybe my new middle name:  Diana Goddess Rousseau.   I think I will ask for the "Goddess discount" the next time I'm at the grocery store!

And, lastly, check it out:  the foreman has requested and has received some equal time on this blog...in the form of his weekly "The Foreman's Corner" at the end of this post, before the weekly critter cam videos.  I must disclose that I have no idea what he has planned for the content - so I will be just as surprised as anyone else...if it looks like he needs a lot of space then he'll just have to create his OWN blog!

Wasabi likes privacy when she cleans her "thumpers" (otherwise known as her back feet!).

Can you spot Rufus in one of his favorite napping spots?
Completely flopped out.
Bravo misses canine company, I think.  But he gets plenty of attention from the humans, bunnies and even an occasional nose bonk from the donks.

At the watering hole (inside the green shed).
The post dinner prance.

The weekly pose with Paco!
The first prickly pear appears!
Hanging out.

These three amazing photos below were taken by my friend Doug who texted them to me as time progressed...a "Lesser Goldfinch" nest.  AWESOME!

Red shouldered hawk at the Lazy Vegan.

Salads - good to the last leaf.

This bunny can nap anywhere!

The daily "bunny language" at the gate.


Hummingbird at the red hot poker plant.


And more lounging...

Oh, Wasabi!  Find the peace and love in your heart - we KNOW you have it!

Everyone starts to sit by the kitchen when it is close to dinner time.
Bravo loves to sit in the chair that Julie gave to me (I always sat in it when we would watch t.v. while she was in hospice - it is a beautiful and comfortable chair - so she announced that it would go to me!).
Get ready...get set...GO, GODDESS!  OMG!  The foreman took these photos of me as we waited for the arrival of In Her Image Photography.

I've had this floral headdress for years and years and always wanted an opportunity to wear it - and this was the time!

After the photo shoot  - with the very talented Tara and Heidi team of In Her Image Photography.  Not only great at what they do, but fun, fun, fun to be around.
As Rufus exits his under-the-bed napping spot, he encounters his pal, Bravo.
So much fun to go down the hallway and spot the white rabbit in the bedroom.

More bunny language at the gate...

Wasabi and Bravo have quality time after Rufus goes upstairs with the foreman.

Queen Bun Wasabi!!!
The foreman brings Rufus down in the morning.

Another beauty by Wildkind Jewelry (Claire)!!

Special Rufus time.

Probably not the best napping spot.


NEW weekly addition!  Introducing:


"Team leader getting greens for Rufus and Wasabi"

 "The foreman has the menial task of gathering salad for humans...salad bowl blend,  romaine, basil, arugula,parsley, cilantro, nasturtium flowers all from seed cast from the foreman himself!"

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - featuring mama turkey and babies!