Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday Celebration for Snap, Aunt Patty Meets Rufus and More Riveting News at the Lazy Vegan!

Fun week at the Lazy Vegan with a belated birthday celebration for Snap and the belated annual Mother's Day outing in the metropolis of Sebastopol!  Woo hoo!  Plus, Aunt Patty met Rufus for the first time - and, of course, was charmed - and Rufus did his best to be completely adorable!
In apprehensive news, the donkeys have a brand new vet coming tomorrow.  I was dismayed to find out when I called to make the appointment for their Spring shots that our favorite vet had left the practice.  He had a great manner with the donks - would very casually approach them and say hi and then BAM - give them a shot in the neck before they even realized what was going on.  This is the best method - no hemming and hawing around (OR, make that HEE HAWING around!).  So fingers crossed that we'll like the new guy tomorrow...more importantly, that the boys like him ...otherwise we'll have some donkey drama to deal with!  

Just chillin with her crew.
Can you spot the bunny in the window?

Rufus has some vulture-like qualities with all his perching.

You can't go wrong with beans and greens.
This ridiculous expression is what happens when Bravo scampers to the fresh-out-of-the-warm-dryer pile of clean clothes.
Queen Bun relaxes in the kitchen after Rufus departs for the "bro cave" in the evening.

OMG.  What a place for a frozen roll-over...smack at the gate - with paws even through the gate - near Snowball from Hell (a.k.a. Wasabi)!!

Luckily Wasabi didn't budge.
Aunt Patty and Grandma Snap come for a visit!

The foreman's gift to Snap was the Evening Star sunflower plant - here are the seeds (so you know the kind, Snap!).

Rufus did his best to be as utterly cute as possible.

Snuggling one morning with a bun and pup.

The following are from Snap's belated birthday celebration slash belated Mother's Day annual outing!


At the scene of the crime - where Snap stole some rhubarb from City Hall (she later emailed City Hall about it and they told her to pick as much as she wanted!  HA HA HA).

This was the first year that I did not buy ONE THING.  After my closet purge, I am way less interested in acquiring more STUFF.  However, I did like these pink sunglasses.
Patty rocked these "readers" with bling!
Hat shopping!

Love the red.
Red it was!
Shopping.  For me, just browsing.

Mexican food!
Patty got less wine than Snap, according to their wine glasses. I got a - gasp - COKE.  So good.  My annual Coca Cola.

Later, part of the offspring and their partners (missing Chris) joined us for dessert.  The foreman opted to stay home to take care of the animal crew.

Snap demonstrates a stretch...while holding her new stretching book!
Here comes the birthday RHUBARB PIE!

Group photos.

We had a blast with the "how old" website - once again, I averaged in the 80's until Nick wisely pointed out that my hair was messing up the results.  Sure enough, once I pulled all my hair back I was within the range of my actual age!  OMG.  So funny.

And, by golly, the fun continued the next morning with breakfast at East West cafe!

My soy latte was excellent.
We all ordered the same thing - a mix of tofu or tempeh and veggies with yummy spices.
More posing!

Showing off some belated Mom's Day gifts.

Back at the homestead, Wasabi was in control of things.

And Rufus was helpful gathering the dirty laundry.

My fave Rufus photo of the week:   it's a big world out there!

A little nose touching in the corral.

Helping one another scratch those hard-to-reach spots!

And some nose touching indoors.
Off to explore "his places".
Couch potatoes.

To the vet again for Bravo...continuing on the antibiotics since that lump is still there.  Back again in a few weeks for  recheck!

The foreman picking his salad.

These two follow me around sometimes and it is so cute.  I just wish Wasabi could join them.  She needs to open her heart a bit more and fall in love with Rufus!

Exploring the foreman's office.
Taking a moment to plan his next move.
And he's off!

Pretty much every moment is filled with adorableness around here.

Loved this book!!  Read it before you see the movie, which is just o.k.  The book is stellar.
The typical evening.

Bravo spends time on both sides of the gate.

One evening, Rufus "jumped the gate" via the couch and helped himself to the kitchen.  Oh, DELIGHT!
He helped with chores.

And then discovered...

Bummed that all the rain in the forecast was just that...in the forecast.
Bravo helps me search for scat and retrieve the critter cams.

Dust bath up close!

The weekly pose with Paco!

OMG.  BABY Shubunkin fish go after their food.

One of the biggest thrills of the week:  I organized my closet by color.  First time ever.  Not the shoes, though - just realized that.  Oh, well.  This is a work in progress!  It is gonna be pretty cool to just grab something orange when  I feel like it or something blue...or red...or purple...

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!

(this one was from my iPhone and not the critter cam!)