Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, Working on the "To Do" List, and Giving Up Facebook at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy Mother's Day to my mama, my step-mama, the mamas of my mama and my step-mama and to mothers everywhere, both human and animal!  (Which includes me, since I am also a mama and a step-mama!).

This week was a very productive one at the Lazy Vegan.  I decided - after wrestling with the decision - to "opt out" of Facebook completely and deleted my account.  OMG!  No more "LIKES" or comments or following posts I enjoyed and avoiding the ones I didn't. No more scrolling down to check "notifications".  I had only been on since July of last year - and signed up then just to be
 part of the crusade against Whole Foods for selling rabbit meat.  I met so many wonderful animal activists there!  It was heartwarming to know I'm not alone in my quest for animal liberation.  Soon, though, I found myself sucked in to what I now refer to as "Facebook Land".  It ultimately reminds me of a beautiful large snow globe with one of those intricate scenes that make you continue to peer in and want to turn it upside down to watch the snowflakes scatter.  It is mesmerizing, watching that fake snow fall...it lands somewhere differently each time but the scene itself really remains the same, and it is appalling how much time can be spent idling there.  Way too much time for me, despite my self-imposed one-day-a-week rule (which I quickly found myself breaking).  So onward and back to real life, where my constantly revolving "To Do" list beckons and furry family members need my attention!  Now I'll have to fight Whole Foods Market the old-fashioned way - by going to the store in person and continuing with group protests!  And, of course, I still have this blog for sharing photos of the Lazy Vegan crew!

The couch project is SO yesterday...here Rufus explores the latest and greatest - the window seat!
I spot the bunny in the window!

He seems to enjoy looking out at the view.

Sneaking a photo of him through another window as he looks out of his.
Meanwhile, Queen Bun Wasabi has the kitchen sealed off.
Rufus sits where the cool tall lamp used to...until it became apparent that it was just an unused bunny obstacle...so to the cabin it went!
Rufus is willing to share "his" couch!

Extensive grooming time while Bravo naps.

Getting a couple of things crossed off!

I look so happy you'd think I was sitting next to a bun and a pup.  OH!  I AM!

More snuggle time early in the morning.

I swear, he POSES now!

Mother's Day posing with part of the crew.

Selfie with my mama in her backyard!
Snap's birthday is TOMORROW!  We're gonna celebrate big time next weekend when Patty comes down.
Another selfie at our open house.
So much fun when the house is a super cute vintage (1915) home in desirable downtown Sebastopol!

Mother's Day KISSES from Wasabi!

I think I could take more flattering photos of both of us if I got one of those selfie stick things.  But that seems to defeat the purpose of a "selfie".  I think one of the points is that it is supposed to be awkward and a bit difficult to do!

The foreman did a great job on designing the pergola and planting vines that grew up perfectly!
It's a little joke in our household that I am the "team leader".  I'm also a mom, but with the kids grown and gone I've taken on more of the "team leader" status.  Hence, a greeting card from the foreman for "Happy Team Leader Day"!

The only thing I have to buy at the store for the bunnies now are dandelion greens since I can't seem to find the seeds for them - everything else - all their favorite herbs - are in our garden!

The pasture is getting bald already.

Very noisy blue jay convention!

Bravo goes to the vet next week to get his shrinking lump checked out.  It is now the size of a pea!
Rufus spends some time each day in his sanctuary under the bed.
Early evening - two bunnies separated by a gate and Bravo squishing the pillow!
LOVE LOVE LOVE when the fog rolls in.

It cracks me up how so many birds do an elaborate song at dusk - a good-night lullaby!

Rufous Sided Towhee...not to be confused with Rufus the rabbit.

Amazing colors when the cactus blooms.

Rufus snuggled down in the "man cave" to watch some basketball!

Woodpecker.  I am slowly learning about birds.  This one is pretty obvious.
It is always a good time to lounge at the Lazy Vegan.

No new couch projects this week for Rufus - although he's been very interested in hanging out on the window seat!
Wasabi's "I'm one tough bun" face.

I was cleaning the window seat cushions and Rufus supervised...every time I bent down, he'd peer over the edge.  Very helpful.
Staking a claim on the love seat.

You can barely spot the foreman here, hard at work with the wheelbarrow.

Hopping back to the kitchen sometimes takes a lot of thought beforehand.

I was going through Toby's things and decided to keep a sweater for Bravo.  

Bunny face!
Wasabi demonstrates her "no ear" look.

Hanging out in his new cottage from Bunny Luv.

A little "bunny language" at the gate.

Water lily bloomed!

Everything is buzzing around here.

Every evening the buns spend some time in the living room before Rufus heads upstairs with the foreman.

Some evenings we all stay downstairs till late, though.
Ready for sleep. (note Bravo taking over the bed).

I could watch a bunny groom all day long!

Like I mentioned - the window seat is "the spot" for Rufus this week.

Whoops - landed on Bravo!

We realized recently that the foreman and Rufus share the same initials!  I may have to get them matching monogrammed robes or something!  RR and RR!  OMG.  The cuteness factor!!

Surprise visit at the office from one of my favorite pals, Doug!  Doug always texts me a photo of canned peas from his travels.  Last text had a photo of canned peas from Uruguay.  It's kind of an in joke.  So much fun!

Empty salad plate!


Testing out the new cottage that took me eons to assemble. I've found I am better off with these things if I DON'T read the instructions.   Rufus is a landlord now - he owns multiple units!
This could be worth nibbling...

One of the cool things about my time on Facebook was winning this Tallulah Rabbit towel in a little contest!

The weekly pose with Paco!

After dinner snacking time...I guess the donkeys consider it dessert!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!