Sunday, June 7, 2015

Continuing to Purge Closets and "Tidy Up", The Big Cabin Clean Out, Two Sparring Young Bucks and a Fun Visit from the East Coasters...at The Lazy Vegan!

(The book I have been raving about...)
Before I get into all the riveting happenings in the past week here at the Lazy Vegan, I want to wish my dad a very happy homecoming - finally back home after months spent away at the hospital and rehab facility!  Woo hoo! May you get stronger each day you're home, Dad!  WELCOME HOME!!

It was another busy and productive week.  I have been happily continuing to "discard" items that don't bring me "a spark of joy" as described in that wonderful organization book "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  I was on the wait list at the library for the book but it was taking too long - so I bought it (which in a way defeats the purpose of getting rid of surplus things!).  LOVE the philosophy.  It just makes sense to only surround yourself with things that you really like!  Some items I have used to "spark joy" but no longer do - so the Home Hospice thrift store and Goodwill received a lot of great things this past week.  It is awesome to open up drawers and closets and not feel overwhelmed by STUFF!

The tidying up also applied to the cabin - which for too long now has been a storage unit for STUFF.  Each day this past week I spent some time sorting and discarding and enjoying my time spent in there - it is a great space (Bravo loved hanging out, too!).

SO much fun to visit with Amanda and her boyfriend, Sam - out from the East Coast to travel the West Coast!  Loved having them for lunch and introducing Sam to the animal crew!

Don't miss the National Geographic Lazy Vegan version of two young bucks caught "boxing" on the critter cam!  I still am having video issues - and this week had trouble loading them.  Beautiful fawns out and about but I could only load a couple of videos.  Stay tuned for more next week!

Flop out time.

Bravo apparently didn't get the memo that it was flop out time!

"Bunny language" at the gate.

More lounging.
We've had beautiful mild days but today was the first hot one - with more heat on the way.
Silly Paco!

Weekly pose with Paco!
Soaking up the morning sunshine together!

Miz Wasabi holds down her fort.

Taking a cabin-cleaning break - while in the cabin!

Bravo enjoys resting there!
Oh, so much fun with the empty sweet grain pan - the game at dusk.

This time Luigi wasn't too into playing - so Paco would follow him around with the pan in his mouth!

Adorable couple Sam and Amanda!

Meeting the boys!

Hugs from Grandma Snap!

And a butt scratch!
Luigi wasn't even shy around Sam.

And Paco wasn't shy about trying to sip Amanda's beer!

Dust bath time!

I hope they come back again when the cabin is guest-friendly (meaning:  has a bathroom!).  Luckily, they had Hotel Snap nearby!
Had to send Amanda along with the peace sign bag that still actually does "spark joy" but that I never use!
Swinging times!

Sam has a house rabbit and clearly knew the "bunny touch"!

That's Amanda underneath the stairs with Rufus!  He'd been startled by the commotion of everyone arriving and hopped to one of his safety zones!

A lot of lounging this week - seems like more than usual!

Super hero!

I've been switching the bunnys' "stuffies" in the evening.
Working on their wicker chewing projects side by side!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just eliminate the gate?!  Hopefully some day...
Amazingly colorful Western Tanager.

More side-by-side lounging.
Weegie has been particularly cute this week!

Selfie with Bravo.

One of my fave photos from this week!  SILLY Luigi!  A wink and a smile.

(Week two of this new feature! The foreman's take on things...)

Enjoyed hanging with Amanda and her beau, Sam - Sam scored big points here at the Lazy Vegan by being an animal lover - you can tell!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
(don't miss the sparring young bucks!)