Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Heron Disappears, Bravo and the Vet and More as June Dwindles Down at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a relatively calm week at the Lazy Vegan with the heron perhaps gone for good...or at least for now.  We had become so accustomed to the nightly and early morning visits (and the foreman would even do some 2:00 a.m. checks with a flashlight out the window) that is was a bit weird to have the big bird nowhere to be seen.  Of course, we are still keep the net on the water feature...better safe than sorry (and I'm sure the fish agree)!

In other not-so-exciting news, Bravo went to the vet to get his blood drawn and tested before he gets his teeth cleaned next month - because he's a senior dog and we have to make sure everything is hunky-dory before he's put under for the procedure.  In other words, CHA CHING!  goes the cash register.  Then, a few days later after the vet visit (this is the where the not-so-exciting news becomes, well, a tad more exciting) he suddenly woke up one morning with squinty eyes that got much worse as the day went on.  I'm pretty certain he has the canine version of pink eye, but won't know for sure until we take him back in to the vet (CHA CHING!) to verify.  Meanwhile, he has been bravely and blindly following me around the house and is acting fairly normal, despite not being able to open his eyes very well.  I've become pretty good over the years at "suspending worry" - as long as the animal is eating, I don't rush off to the vet (CHA CHING!) the second something is amiss; I kind of adhere to the "three day rule" as long as they're eating and doing their biz...the exception to this (because there always is one) is the bunnies.  I never "wait and see" with them because things can go downward so fast with rabbits!  And there you have it...another little glimpse into the fascinating life here at the Lazy Vegan!

Mr. Squinty Eyes Bravo Rousseau.
He liked to rest his eyes near a heating pad.

 VERY squinty outside in the sunshine!

 Earlier in the week, he was fine and dandy at the vet...does make one wonder if he picked up a little virus while there...

Relaxing with a warm washcloth on his eyes.  Silly dog!
Beached whale?  Nope.  Just Paco's huge belly!

There's nothing quite like the warm air from a donkey's nostril on your bare toes.
I had to take advantage of Paco laying down to get the weekly selfie!

The fish  enjoyed some "net-free" time while the foreman futzed with the water feature.
I should know this bird.  The foreman would.  But I forget.  So, it is a cute redhead.
Just some mid-week lounging.

And grooming.

Bunny language at the gate!

OMG.  I am STILL "discarding" and only keeping "what sparks joy" and and fine tuning my closet!  I think I'm finally done.  I love looking at everything now and being able to find everything and, most importantly, loving everything I have!
My helpers.  Of course, they most definitely bring a "spark of joy"!

It is so much fun to come into the room and see Rufus "perching".

Here he watches the foreman!


No, not a heron - but an egret across the way.
Making his rounds.

Photobombed by the rabbit!

This is how I work the evening routine - Bravo can come and go on both sides of the living room.

Quality time with the donkeys!

Playful donks.

Rufus with his stuffies.

Hello there!

More perching.

Bunny meditation time in the bedroom.

The "bunny language" at the gate is getting closer and closer!

I love how utterly relaxed Rufus is while napping.

Super hero!!

This pair has been on the critter cam a lot this week.  TOO ADORABLE.

What's not to like about the sky?  Always something going on.

The boys loved the cooler evenings this week - great time to run around!

The foreman has nothing to contribute this week that he can think of.  And, personally, I think it is high time he got his own blog.  So we'll see how long the corner lasts...

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!