Sunday, June 21, 2015

Many More Visits from the Heron, Here Come the Sunflowers, my Goddess Previews Arrived, and Happy Father's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy (HOPPY!!) Father's Day today to my dad, to all the fathers in my extended family and to papas everywhere (and, of course, to the foreman of the Lazy Vegan)!!

This week was all about the Great Blue Heron at the Lazy Vegan!  The beautiful bird has been an almost daily visitor - usually at dawn or at dusk.  He or she (turns out it is very difficult to visually determine the gender of a GBH) swoops casually onto the property and immediately blends into the landscape - it is uncanny how well!  Sometimes I'll be staring out the window and won't even notice that it is there.  The fish notice, though - and have been reluctant to come near the surface!  I put out one of my working critter cams and was able to capture a visit at night  - check it out at the end of this post.  Very Jurassic-park-like!!

In OH-MY-GODDESS news, my previews are in from my amazing In Her Image Photography phoot shoot!  Turns out I clean up fairly well!  HA HA HA!  Huge thank-you again to In Her Image Photography for this unexpected and enthusiastically accepted gift!

My favorite flower is in bloom - sunflowers!  Grown from seed by none other than the green-thumbed foreman himself.  Never tire of looking at them progress - and this is a new type we haven't grown before - amazing color!
Lurking out and about as every bunny should be able to do!

I love his expression here - he is "ranging" in Wasabi's kitchen domain (while she lounges in the living room).  He LOVES to hop up there each evening to explore and chin everything in sight!

After he thoroughly checks out Wasabi's space, it is time for a power nap while she's busy in her litter box below!

For Father's Day, the foreman went to pick up a truckload of landscaping soil and then cleaned up and dashed off to do an open house!
Salsa potatoes for Father's Day breakfast!

Wasabi wonders where HER breakfast is!
The serious pose.
Early morning snuggle time!
Take a good long look at this photo...because this is NOT a goddess photo!!

I love the foreman's choice of foot wear.

And, again:  the feet!
Showing off the label of a fancy and drought resistant new plant.

Living room bunnies!

Paco stands alone.  This is actually a rare sight.  The boys are hardly ever seen more than twenty feet apart.
Hooves and flip flops!

Queen Bun has the living room space to herself one evening.
While Rufus hangs out in the "bro cave".

Checking out the new lamp shade.  Had to give it a testing nibble, too.
Look at those faces!

The Evening Sun sunflower planted by seed.

Chair perching bunny.

Why rest in the bed when you can rest alongside it?
Getting ready for nap time.

Boys being goofy one evening.

OMG!  Was so excited to receive my "previews" of my goddess photos from the amazing team at In Her Image Photography!  These are just the previews - I can't believe more photos will be coming.  What in the world will I do with so many photos of ME?  I might have to start a ME business or something!  So much fun being a goddess!  This was an amazing gift from In Her Image Photography!! 

Photos below by:
In Her Image Photography



I've had that floral headdress I bought at Free People for YEARS and had never worn it before!

I was so happy that the donkeys got in some photos, too!
I think maybe I should become a Country Western singer and use this photo as my album cover.  Too bad I can't sing...

Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come!  I seriously may have to change my name.  Goddess Rousseau...

That couch bunny again.

And here he/she is:  the Great Blue Heron!  At dusk, so the photos aren't the best.

Just hanging out on the pine tree right by the water feature, all nonchalant and grooming...

Look closely at the top of the pine and you'll see how well he blends in!

Doing a little heron tap dance.

Took a few photos and then out we ran - and off he flew!

Rufus, Bucky and Bear reporting for cuteness overload duty!

More fun kitchen time.

Generally just a big help in the kitchen!

And on ANOTHER night - take two!

After the heron was once again chased off, a sunset appeared.
There's always somebody lounging around in this household!

Window seat time. One of his favorite places!

It is hard to imagine Rufus not being with us.  I still have moments of deeply missing our Toby - but am so thankful that he enjoyed a friendship with Rufus before he passed.

And, on yet another day - brazenly in daylight!

Taking flight.

On a different night .  This guy or gal is relentless!

We've been enjoying using up some restaurant gift cards that were given to us this past week!  Here we are at Eight in Sebastopol, where we got a yummy vegan dish of veggies, tofu and rice.

A ridiculous selfie with the rabbit.

Hanging out.

Wasabi's face after I tell her we're out of cilantro!

At another restaurant where we had to be really creative about getting anything vegan - but we managed!

The hungry vegans have arrived!
The weekly pose with Paco!


The foreman thanks Sparky for the adorable Father's Day card!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - Featuring the Night time Visit from the Heron!
(please note - still having annoying issues uploading critter cam videos - hence, once again, the small amount - rest assured there are still plenty of critters out and about!!).)