Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Saga of the Visiting Great Blue Heron, Time for Tea, A Bunny Holistic Medical Class and a Field Trip to the Community Garden...at the Lazy Vegan!

Very erratic weather this week at the Lazy Vegan with an intensely hot day on Monday, followed by rain two days later!  The bunnies stayed cool in the house with everything buttoned up and the aid of frozen water bottles (which Wasabi loves to shove around with her nose) and we stayed up past bedtime with Rufus since it was too warm for him to go upstairs at his usual time (he's a very self-scheduled rabbit!).  The rain, of course, was totally welcomed in drought-stricken California but wasn't enough to do anything. I miss rain so much!  I ran across my mud boots when organizing closets - and they look way too clean! I hope the early predictions of a wet season ahead are true.

In non-weather news, the heron is BACK.  He or she (Henry or Henrietta - take your pick) has come several days this week - each time arriving early in the morning.  I've been running out of the house like a madwoman, screaming and waving my arms each time I spot him or her.  What an amazing bird - really beautiful and seemingly intelligent (I managed to snap a photo of it checking out our netting contraption).  This morning, it flew off of our ROOF!  The foreman was upstairs and looked out the balcony to see it fly off.  We're taking all the safety precautions we can - but short of camping out there, there isn't much we can do.  My hope is that the heron will find an easier pond to visit.

Went to an interesting holistic medical class for bunnies today at Sonoma Humane Society.  It was taught by a local vet who treats dogs and cats and bunnies - always good to have a back-up vet for the bunnies.  I can't really see Wasabi sitting still for acupuncture, but if Rufus ever needs it, he'd probably do well.  I learned about "cool" and "warm" herbs and took notes about what kind of herbs to mix for runny eyes (which Wasabi sometimes gets), etc.  It was great to be in a room full of other bunny lovers!

Also went this week for the second time to Muir's Tea Room in Sebastopol - such a cute and awesome place where all the fare is vegan (and you would never guess it!). I'm not really a tea drinker but could become one with an establishment like this around!

And very exciting:  Bravo and I had a field trip to see the community garden in Sebastopol where Grandma Snap has her very own plot!  Plot #9, to be exact.  She's been busy weeding and amending soil and planting...so far, tomatoes and marigolds - looking forward to visiting again to see how it is all blooming!

Rufus sacked out next to Wasabi's kitchen area...

Note his TAIL sticking through the gate, hanging out in the "danger zone"!  I moved it slightly so there was no chance of Wasabi taking a nibble!
They'll hang out like this for hours.

OH!  The cuteness factor!

Enjoying fresh air from the deck.

The evening living room routine - two bunnies lounging around like an old married couple!

Kitchen time for Rufus.

Banished from the office ever since his "project", Rufus will periodically still check to see if it is "open"!

On the heron's first visit this week, I set up my makeshift people to guard the water feature.

My Wildkind Jewelry splurge stopped this week with two awesome purchases - this is a beautiful rose cut rainbow moonstone cuff, above!

And While Buffalo turquoise cuff!
Exploration time.
Frog leg time.

Peering over the steps!

Rufus and Bravo definitely seem to enjoy each other.

HOW can Whole Foods Market - or ANYONE - think such an endearing creature is a MEAL??!

More exploring.  We brought in a lamp from the cabin - the base was hand carved by the foreman's father.  We need to find a new shade for it.  Rufus approves.

More frog leg lounging.

Wasabi gets special living room time in the mornings!

More utterly cute napping.

The foreman has been very busy this week tidying up the landscape!
On some mornings this week I just went up and down the driveway instead of my usual walk.  It is actually quite the workout!

Ridiculously big nectarine on a small tree.

After the scorching heat, it was so wonderful to see the fog bank return - here it rolls in behind the growing sunflowers.
Bravo loved to see the fog come in, too!

Fun at Grandma Snap's house!

 At the community garden where Snap's garden is!
 Bravo on the look-out for other dogs while at Taylor Maid coffee.
 Walking through the skateboard park with his grandma.
 The view from the garden area!
 Cool painted table.

And here she is:  Grandma Snap and "Plot 9"!  Already with tomato plants and marigolds!  Can't wait to visit it again soon.

Back home, the donkeys were milling about.
It is that itchy season - bugged by flies and uncomfortable while they shed out.  So lots of fly spray being applied and brushing to help loosen their hair.

Getting ready for the weekly pose...

And there it is!
Weegie doing his cute thing.

The window seat is so much fun for a bun.
Look very closely...
See him or her?  Really blends!
We love you, Great Blue Heron - now move ON!!
Huge wingspan.
OH, YUM!  So much fun having tea with Cathy at Muir's Tea Room in Sebastopol!  All those goodies - everything they serve - is VEGAN!

Love the wall paper!

Flyer from the class today.  


Echeveria and agaves

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - Only ONE!  Finally got cameras up and working again - only to have uploading issues with my computer!  So stay tuned for more videos next week!  The fawns are adorable and there have been many sightings of the baby turkeys, too!