Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bravo's Day at the Vet, An Unwelcomed Visitor, my GODDESS Photo Collection Arrives and Other Absolutely Newsworthy Happenings at the Lazy Vegan!

First of all, this:  my baby girl turned THIRTY this week!  OMG!  Shocking, but true.  I still clearly remember the day she arrived on Planet Earth (cuz I was THERE!).  We'll be having a belated celebration next week.  HAPPY 30th, Karina!!

Of course I have to show off some adorableness via Karina's younger days photos (she's STILL adorable now!).

It was a week to remember at the Lazy Vegan.  It isn't every week that your daughter has a milestone birthday, your dog has to be a "cone head" and you get an unwanted visitor - also known as the stomach flu!  Brave Bravo went to the vet to get his teeth cleaned and had some eye bumps removed from his eyelid, and emerged from surgery with refreshing breath and stitches on his eye - hence, the dreaded cone.  He came home from the vet with one of those stupid lampshade plastic cones, which I immediately swapped out for a "comfy cone" made of fabric.  He hasn't been wearing it all the time (we are breaking the rules) because I watch him and he really only futzes with it when he first wakes up.  Who wants to wear a cone for two solid weeks?  Nobody!  

Right after picking him up from the vet I suddenly wasn't feeling super great.  Hours later, without even a polite knock at the door, the stomach flu bopped by for a LONG visit.  Really rude.  I pretty much tossed my cookies (love that phrase) all night and all into the next day and even till the very next evening...and that's a LOT of cookies to toss.  At the end, there actually weren't even any crumbs left!  All throughout, my faithful terrier was at my side...with each urgent rush to the bathroom, he padded along - so frequently that I threw one of his beds in there to keep him comfortable while I tended to my cookie tossing.  Even outdoors, we (ME) tossed those cookies (thank God for acreage property).  Bravo waited patiently at the end of his leash (we were only outside so he could do HIS biz!).  So weak was I at the end of all this cookie tossing that the foreman had to take over the animal chores...and that never happens!  I didn't see the donkeys for a full day and Paco let me know he was upset about that by giving me a hard nudge with his snout...right in my stomach the next time I saw him!  

And in super exciting non-flu news, the rest of my Goddess photos arrived!  You'll find them at the bottom of this post.  Oh my Goddess...whatever am I going to do with all these photos of ME?!  Many thanks to In Her Image Photography - great gals running a fantastic business.

My vet texted me this photo of Bravo in the "recovery room" after his surgery!

Rufus loves to hang out in Wasabi's kitchen when she's in the living room!

He also loves the "rooftop" of her Cottontail Cottage!

The evening routine.
Paco loves Bravo's fresh breath now!
The last bird song of the evening.
Typically Rufus will retire to the "bro-cave" with the foreman to watch sports around 8:00 p.m. (we're quite scheduled in this household).  Then the divider gate goes away in the living room and Wasabi and Bravo hang out!
OMG!  The cuteness factor!

Aerial shot from upstairs of Rufus in his litter box.  Basically, he's cute from every angle.
Very busy acorn woodpecker!

Sunset and the pine.
Double donkey stare down!  I put this photo on Instagram and my step brother-in-law commented on Luigi's "tail" - I hadn't even noticed the tree trunk right smack there!

The canine patient wearing his "comfy cone".

Rufus thought it was a bit strange.
So he took off.
The other day I came around the corner while Rufus was heading down the hallway as he is doing, above - and I startled him a bit and he actually came to a skidding stop - because it is hard to brake when you have fuzzy feet!
OH, my.  WHO is that other cone head dog?!

Rufus is so trusting.  Here he is with his paw actually through the gate.
I love beans and greens.  Really, I could probably eat this for dinner every day.  Sometimes I actually do!  Plus veggies with nutritional yeast (don't knock it till you've tried it).

Due to recovering from my unwanted visitor (a.k.a. the flu), I didn't get together with my mama this weekend - but she sent this email from her garden plot, where she enjoyed breakfast and time with a book in between watering!
We keep a gap between the couch and wall so Rufus has a "secret passageway" from the living room to the bedroom (v.s. going around by the kitchen where Miz Wasabi is).
More trusting...note his tail is totally in Snowball from Hell (Wasabi's) territory!

I know I am taking more Rufus photos than Wasabi photos.  I love BOTH my bunnies equally, just for the record!!!!  Rufus definitely naps more than she does, and I am constantly finding him in poses like this that are too hard NOT to photograph!

Fun times with the Ikea bed.

Mama and her fawns visit the Lazy Vegan!

Paco definitely wins the cutest legs contest!
Bravo shows off his clean teeth!!
Searching for a ripe raspberry.
Here come the grapes!
Weekly pose number one...in the hay feeder!
And two...being ridiculous!

If you look closely at Bravo's eye, you can see the purple stitches that will dissolve.
Did somebody say SALAD?!

OH MY GODDESS...(that's supposed to be the Goddess form of OMG!)...here is my Goddess photo collection!


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 All photos above and below by
 In Her Image Photography

Luigi was like "no way..."
I think I should be singing opera during all of these:  "me me me me me me me me"!

I love it that the donkeys got in some photos!

This one above is one of my faves.  I had just spent time in the daisies, after all.


 END of Goddess photos!

 Wasabi is a hay-munching goddess-bunny.
 Bunnies in their litter boxes!
 Trumpet vine is in full bloom.
 The sunflowers are just amazing - and TALL!
 Getting some uphill exercise.

 The acorn woodpecker again.
 Hand picked fresh from the garden - a beauty of a bouquet!
 Tomatoes are arriving!
 Happy fish (despite the fact that the heron has returned...he/she favors early morning visits.  Then, the net is ON!).  Check out the video of "Sharkie" at the bottom of this post!
 It cracks me up how the bunnies will be laying in the same direction.
 One paw forward!
 Oh, Wasabi!
Little brave Bravo enjoying cone-free time...with two little shaved marks on his legs where the IV was during his surgery!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
(including "Sharkie")!