Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy (HOPPY!) Fourth of July and More at the Lazy Vegan!

July came bursting into the scene here at the Lazy Vegan with some serious heat this week!  OMG!  Way too hot for my liking.  The house was nice and cool for the animals thanks to keeping everything open all night.  The downside of that is that both bunnies started thumping early in the morning - no doubt to warn us all of critters out and about outside!  Once the rabbits start, the donkeys take a clue and start hee-hawing.  And then everyone is just UP.  Sometimes we'll wait for what we call the "snooze alarm" - and that's Paco's perturbed second hee-haw (if he has to sound off again) which echoes across the valley almost as loudly as the full-sized donkey down the lane! The second hee-haw means business!

Everyone had a happy (HOPPY!) Fourth of July which means we did absolutely nothing (except take photos with mini flags).  Every year the sound of fireworks upsets the donkeys (I can tell, because they'll do ALL their biz in the barn and there will be a big mess to clean up on July 5th) so it isn't really cause for celebration!
Bravo's eyes are improving - after a week of squinting and another vet visit, he appears to be on the mend with daily doses of antibiotic eye drops.

Hard to believe it was that time AGAIN - the farrier came for a visit, much to the donkeys' dismay...it was time for a trim!

The weekly pose in a series, below...getting a little love nibble from Paco!

BEHOLD!  The first nectarine from the tree! And it was delicious!

With the hot weather it was necessary to air out the house each evening!

Amazing full moon this week, too.
Exploration time.

Getting cozy.

Evening at the Lazy Vegan.

Silly Wasabi!
Ridiculous Rufus!

Lounging in his upstairs "bro cave".

Cute quail walking (I LOVE how they choose to walk over flying most of the time).
Long lizard lounging.
Debriefing on the couch.
Really the place where Rufus does most of his deep thinking.

 The foreman taking a photo of Rufus!

 Nap time AGAIN.

Getting ready for some holiday action!

Waiting for Paco to grab hold of the flag... it is a tradition!

We're all so patriotic!
Bravo at the Barlow!  Here he waits for his grandma Snap to get coffee at Taylor Maid.
 And then we visited Grandma's site at the Community Garden!

 Everything is growing up nicely!

 Stopped on the way back to Snap's house to browse the little free library.  They have a website:

I think it is a really great concept - if I hadn't just bought a Kindle I would have borrowed a book!

 Goofing around with the donkeys!

 One of my favorite t-shirts (this one made the "Spark of Joy" discarding cut): " Be a Super Hero for Animals - Go Vegan!"
 Trying to put lumpy big Paco into photo position!

 Hug for Weegie.

 Luigi really wants a taste of beer...but he didn't get any!

And that's it for the week...the "Foreman's Corner" is no longer...he can always get his OWN blog!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!