Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Arrival of the Windmill, A Sad Coyote and More at the Lazy Vegan

Today's blog of August 2nd will be delayed...till tomorrow!  Because it is the foreman's birthday!  Stay tuned - in the meantime, here is our vegan cowboy in his younger days, below!

The foreman - who is really the master of landscape design - came home one day this week with a very tall and cool windmill, purchased from the seller of one of our listings.  I love it!  I love looking out the kitchen window to see it spinning around.  Even though it is just decorative, it totally looks like it has a function and really fits right in with the vegan ranch vibe!

We had a fun belated birthday dinner celebration for Karina, complete with vegan apple spice cupcakes (I'm now a fan of cupcakes v.s. a cake).  I think I am more shocked by her turning thirty than she is!  

And in woefully sad news, that incredibly scrawny coyote that showed up on the critter cam a few months ago is stunningly still alive - and even skinnier and worse looking; hops around on three legs.  I cannot imagine how it is managing to survive and I wish there was something I could do to help.  Check out the video at the bottom of this post - but be warned - it is pretty haunting.

The heat is creeping back to the Lazy Vegan...above, Rufus stays cool on the balcony one balmy evening.
Bees and other critters are loving the sunflowers!
On a hot day, the only shade is your shadow.

Mr frog legs!
Just some living room fun.

And kitchen fun!

Wasabi LOVES dill!
Early evening nap time - on the big bed.
Bravo is healing nicely from his eye surgery and goes in for a recheck to the vet this week.

Rufus examines Karina's birthday gifts!

Salad time!

The evening routine - with just about four feet of wood floors separating the two bunnies.

Grooming time!
Nap time!

And couch contemplation time!

When things start heating up, Wasabi stays well hydrated.

Morning couch top time.

A hello to Rufus from Karina!

Wasabi looking for attention from her aunt Patty.

Lining up for hugs from Grandma Snap!

Birthday dinner!

Cupcake time!

And here comes the birthday (thirty-year-old) girl!

Group photo of the females...plus the male dog!

Bravo looks for leftovers!

Snuggle time back indoors.
A little crazy with a gate up for the bunnies...but that's the way we live!

Some gift opening...

Wasabi flops out in front of her grandma.

Party bun!

The next morning, Patty and Snap and I went out to breakfast...fun!

Stopped to say hello to the coyote mural.

And then went through the skateboard park to go to Snap's garden plot!

In the corn!

Garden is looking great!

The windmill!

We tried out several locations before settling in on a permanent place.

The butterflies love the lavender.

Rufus hopping up and off.
Wasabi just chillin'.

I just love this look the foreman wears so well:  his vegan Merrill shoes with black socks. Hee, hee.

Dancing to the music!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - featuring one poor coyote I can't believe is still alive...