Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wasabi's Sick Day, The Farrier Visits, the Last of the Tomatoes and So Much More at the Lazy Vegan!

This week started off on the wrong paw when Miz Wasabi stopped eating Monday morning - always considered a bunny emergency!  I whipped out the rabbit first aid kit, referred to my notes for critcal care and started her immediately on baby gas drops, placed a call to the vet and did my usual "tricks" to get her eating again:  water via a mouth syringe, breaking up fresh herbs and waving them under her nose, keeping her moving about, etc - and was just about to summon the foreman home for help with administering Sub-Q fluids when she finally started to nibble on some hay!  And soon she was back to a normal appetite - so the vet appointment was cancelled and all was well!  Whew!  I was completely stressed out, though, and it was a reminder to appreciate when the bunnies and all the animals are healthy!  In other news, the last of the tomatoes have been picked.  Good-bye, tomatoes.  Good almost bye, August.  And, we were honored with a visit by New Yorker Paul!  Bravo was also thrilled to see him! And a not-as-fun visit was when the farrier came to trim the donkeys' hooves (seems like he was just here!).

Good-bye, tomatoes.

In the evening when the kitchen is opened up and Wasabi goes into her half of the living room, Rufus loves to hang out.
OH MY BUN!!  Rufus puts himself to sleep every night in his cottage.  He usually picks the rooftop where he has his special fleece blankie - but on warm nights he likes the second level, which is blanket-free.

When I say good-night to him I always say "have sweet dreams of safe meadows"!
Wasabi LOVES a clean kitchen - here she flops out after a good vacuuming (done by me, of course!).

So great to visit with Paul!

Bravo kiss!
Feeding the fishies.  We were blabbing to Paul about the heron, which hasn't been around in a couple of months - and lo and behold, it must have heard us...because it paid a visit the very next morning!

Fun hopping around!
Checking out my vegan shoe collection!
He loves to check out everything in the closet.

Wasabi smells my running shoes - no doubt full of interesting scents!
Looking adorable in the kitchen.
Finally eating again!

Bravo at the Barlow!
At the skateboard park!
With Grandma Snap!

We paid a final visit to Snap's garden PLOT - and as the closing ceremony, she struck a pose!!!
More cuteness in action.

 Walk time before the farrier arrived.

Trimming time!
This was "sick day" when she finally started eating again!

I had little piles of hay everywhere and had put her out in the living room with Rufus for company - and to get the idea to eat when he did.

Little aerial view of the bunnies!

Bunny on the mend.

Taking Mr. Rufus back upstairs to the "bro-cave" while I leave the house!

Couch buddies.


Deck time.

Ultra adorable grooming time.

It was National Dog Day this past week!

So we had to take some special pup photos!
Paco and his shadow.
Wasabi feeling better again.


The crew waiting for dinner.

Play time for the donks!

It cracks me up how Paco will carry the empty pan around.

There he is, pan in mouth while walking behind Luigi!

The duo.

The weekly poses!

Flop out time.

MORE flop out time!!

Silly faces!

Queen Bun!

Salad time!

Went to Amy's Drive-Thru again - this time with the foreman!
Paco kicking up his heels!

Amy's Drive-thru!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week (also featuring a video of Rufus hopping down the hall!).