Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Heat Wave, Amy's Veggie Drive-Thru, the Veg Fest and More at the Lazy Vegan!

So happy that our house stays nice and cool when the temps are super high outside!  We're in the midst of a little heat wave and I'm doing my best to keep every creature comfortable - even put out a big bowl of water up on the hill for the wild critters!  Three turkeys watched me as I trudged up the hill with it - and then when I looked back I saw them heading towards it - smart birds!  Had a fun time at the second annual Veg Fest this weekend.  So great to be with like-minded people and know that all the food vendors were serving vegan food!  I treated myself to some cool t-shirts and am looking forward to going back next year when I can spend more time there! Another beautiful and busy week at the Lazy Vegan!

Can you spot the lounging bun?

All stretched out in front of the door without a care in the world.

Dust bath time on a very hot day.

 Contemplating his next move.

 Ready for take off!

 More of the usual relaxation.

 I love how Rufus uses one paw as a pillow!

Wasabi coming in for kisses!
Look how close the bunnies are!

Rufus took advantage of the balcony breezes.

While Wasabi was thrilled to have the entire living room to herself!

Just hanging out.

And more hanging out in a different location!

Met my friend Cathy at the Veg Fest!

We both bought this adorable bunny shirt!

Lots of info there about the ugly truth about eating animals.
Vegan chocolate!!!
Vegan cheese!
Vegan goodies!

And rescued pigeons!

Two of my new t-shirts!

Yum - the raspberries are ripe!
The weekly pose!
Togetherness...with a gate.

Had a fun coffee morning with Snap on this beautiful new bench in downtown Forestville!

Photo courtesy of Snap - her tomato from her garden plot!
Another amazing cloud week.

Rufus and Bravo are so cute together - just hanging out.

Mama and baby - I hope they find my water.
Ridiculous Rufus napping.

Quail on the lookout.

Every flying creature loves the garden right now!
Stretching time!

Sleepy boy.

Oh, the cuteness factor of the grooming ritual!

Doesn't everyone's kitchen look like this?
Hummingbird blends in.
Donks racing around having fun.

This one above cracks me up - check out Paco's buck as he turns the corner!
There was a lot of snorting going on, too - and dust everywhere!

More adorableness.

Had a blast with my friends Deborah and Cathy at the new all veg Amy's Drive Thru!

We got the "Amy" veggie burger, fries, and vegan milkshakes...YUM.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!