Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Week of Interesting Clouds, Playful Donkeys and the Usual Crew of Cuteness at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a week of very interesting clouds and skies...likely as a result of the big fire still burning not too far from us (but, luckily, far enough!).  And the weather was pretty perfect - not too  hot!  So the donkeys took advantage of the cooler climate to really kick up their heels and play, while the bunnies seemed to lounge even more than usual! Still haven't been able to fix my critter cams - so very few videos are being captured...but that's o.k. - we know the wildlife is still out there doing their thing, even without documentation!
 Check out the "bunny language"!

 OMG - tail through the gate!  Tail through the gate!

 Quality time with the boys!

 Interesting clouds!

Silly weekly pose number one!

 Rufus whispering sweet nothings into the ear of his stuffie pal, Bear!

 Lately Bravo has been into posing by trees.  He's a tree hugger!
 Just the usual cuteness.

I spent a long time picking burrs out of Luigi's tail!
 Nap time.
 Bravo and the clouds.

 Champion salad muncher Wasabi!

Rufus the door stop.

Bravo waits for his pal to wake up.

We moved the big (and kind of ugly) sofa chair to the cabin and what a difference - more room to hop!
Rufus does a silly dance!

He did a couple of binkies to show his approval.

Mexican sun flower in garden.

The donkeys have been especially playful this week.

A really ridiculous weekly pose!
Look how close the bunnies are interacting!

YUM - the grapes are ripe!!

Silly wabbit.
MORE napping!

The clouds were so cool this week - perhaps a bit unusual due to the big fires burning in Northern California!
Rufus loves to come into the bedroom to get a drink of water.  So I always leave a full bowl in the corner for him.
A brand new start to the day for a bun!

Bravo making his outside rounds.
Get ready for a dust bath!

And then time to sit and think!

Luigi kicks up his heels!
Butterflies are everywhere right now.
Salad time!

Bravo on the warm laundry fresh from the dryer.
Another silly wabbit!

Getting ready to toss a tube.

Wasabi checks in with "Baby" and "Buddy".
Bunny on the couch!

Busy bee.
Super playful donks!

Luigi's head is practically upside down!

Fun at Grandma Snap's house! On top of the table!

Found:  hatched quail eggs...I saw the babies zooming into the bushes with their protective parents.  ADORABLE fuzzy little things!

And more egg shells - robin?
At the Barlow with Bravo and Grandma Snap.
At the community garden!
Snap picking up somebody's trash!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!