Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bravo's 13th Birthday, the Bunnies Have a Spa Day and Other Super Exciting Events at the Lazy Vegan!

 Busy week at the Lazy Vegan!  Mr. Bravo turned thirteen and we had our first "birthday party" with just one dog attending - the birthday boy, himself!  It was weird not having Toby or Solo around to help eat the special doggie cookie.  Rufus came to the party, though, and Wasabi looked on from her post in the kitchen.

Auntie Cathy came to give me a much-needed tutorial on trimming bunny nails - it was very appreciated (well, not so much by the buns) and I think I can start trimming them myself with the foreman's help.  It was a great "spa day" for the bunnies with long brushing sessions later in the day after their nail trims!  And this coming week will be "spa day" for the donkeys when the farrier comes ...

No visits from the heron in a long, long time - and the fish are back to being very lively and happy - and even "Sharkie", the so-called "bottom feeder" is making more appearances.  Of course, we're always on alert that the big bird will return.  A lot more critters showing up on the critter cam lately, including an adorable possum making the rounds!

 Wasabi - also known as "Nabbles", "Snazzle", "Queen Bun" as well as many other nicknames - on the lookout in the living room!

 Just a bun and her ridiculous shadow.

 Rufus surrounded by his stacking cups.  Early in the morning when he's still upstairs, he'll start to literally toss them around - I think to make noise to wake us up!
 Basically, do not pass unless you have permission.
 The turks are back!

 I brought the main critter cam inside to swap out the batteries and Bravo and Rufus spent a LONG time sniffing it - I'm sure it has LOTS of good smells!

 Happy and lively fish!
 Dust bath!
 One of my favorite colors.

 Getting attention from "Papa".
 The typical hang out scene.

 More dust bath activity - so much fun to watch the process!

 And afterwards, a big chuckle!

 Please do not disturb.

 Busy fish!
 Despite how weird I look in this photo (OMG - the neck??!!), I had to post it - because it is so cute of Paco and I love the setting in the trees!

 Seriously, the closest I've ever been to Paco when he's "sounded off"!

 Don't tell me there's not a little gated romance going on here.

 Fish mouth!
 Beautiful fawns and their mama blend right in.

My personal assistant helps me get dressed in the morning (can you spot him?).
Looks like a doggie birthday party to me!

Surfboard doggie cookie!

All that's missing is some balloons!

Finally, a bite!

The evening crew.

Grooming time.

Awkward Luigi getting up!

Taking a sunbath before dinner.
"Auntie" Cathy to the rescue with nail trim lessons!

I basically sat in awe while she did Wasabi by herself - no small feat.

Afterwards, Wasabi got some pets!

Visiting the boys!

Of course, they loved the extra attention.

The evening routine.

Rufus looking outside.

Morning run around the living room time!

This little birdie loves the sunflowers!

My little "guards".

So much fun to run and play!

Paco helping me muck out the barn - those are pine shavings on his snout!
The weekly pose(s)!!

Silly boys in the kitchen.
Kale salad with fakin' bacon - because pigs are NOT salad toppings.
The kitchen help!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!