Monday, August 3, 2015

Goodbye July, Hello August - the Foreman has a Birthday and More at the Lazy Vegan!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  (yesterday!) to the foreman of the Lazy Vegan! He celebrated in true foreman style - spent the day working!  Above is one of my favorite old photos of the vegan cowboy - on a horse in Nevada!

Another busy week has come and gone!   Bravo went to the vet for a "recheck" and his eye is healing perfectly!  He wasn't too thrilled about getting the remaining stitches taken out (apparently they take forever to dissolve, so the vet took them out by hand) but he was very polite about it.  And now we are "in training" to brush his teeth daily - with tips from our vet about going slowly (so far he's just licking the toothpaste off of the brush!).  I am determined to master the technique to avoid future dental cleanings at the vet - I don' t like the idea of Bravo having to go under for future cleanings now that he's officially a senior pup!

 The foreman isn't really a cake guy - so sorbet it was for his birthday dessert!  OMG!  66!!  And he doesn't act or look a day over 33!
 Lounging time!

 Rufus loves this spot for his "power naps"!
 Bravo never knows quite what to make of the power naps...

 So sometimes he'll check in with Rufus by touching noses!

This scene happens daily!

Still loving the new addition of the windmill - it makes a cool sound as it is turning.
Super hero stretch out at the gate.
Cool little clouds!

So much fun trying to eat grape leaves through the fencing.

We tried a more open gate arrangement in the living room one evening and it worked fine for about three minutes - that's how long it too Wasabi to dash over to chase Rufus. So back up went the gate!
Rufus enjoys plenty of gate-free living room time while Wasabi is in "her" kitchen.

Bravo is really a good sport about being the only dog among two bunnies!
The traffic I see from my desk window!

A moment with Bear.
Hopping right to that litter box!
Our original and beloved bun!

It cracks me up how Rufus actually uses this Ikea doll bed as a place to nap!

Finally - a decent photo of the elusive "Sharkie" - and my, has he (or she!) grown!

Weegie heads on into the corral for dinner.
As does Mr. Paco.
Even dying sunflowers are beautiful.
Time to kiss this snout!

I don't place the stuffies next to Rufus - he seeks out their company!

Giving Wasabi's "Buddy" a good groom!

Oh, the daily fun of knocking over the hay feeder.  This has been on my list of things to do - secure it to the fence.  It is harder than it looks to put it upright and back where it belongs.  But the donkeys have great fun moving it around, and it is sort-of a workout for me to put it back!

Evening dust bath!
Weekly pose!  Paco kind of pushed me out of range a bit.
 The birthday boy with a donkey card from the Tomashefskys!
 The plant life is going crazy in the water feature!
 And another weekly pose...to make up for forgetting about one last week!
Bravo is a great help with donkey chores - here he guards their hay!
At the vet and on the way to the vet...

Open up wide and say "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"

 OMG!!  At the open house this past weekend I got to hang out with four cats, a sweet old dog and a 62 year old bird!  (Note the EGGS!).

 The girls came by to say hi at the open house and to wish the foreman a happy birthday!

 Mr. Rufus!

 Busy woodpecker.

 Snuggle time.
 The bunnies really have lounging DOWN!

 More fun clouds.
 Paco investigates a feather.

The night before the foreman's birthday!

 This is the scene I see as I prepare salads for the bunnies...

 Having fun exploring the upstairs balcony!

 While Wasabi has the run of the downstairs!

 The birthday table.

 I cannot quite put in words how darling it is to see a bunny hopping freely around the house.

 Cleaning those thumpers!

Chewing away!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! Only two worth keeping - I think I may have to buy a new critter cam soon - having technical issues!