Monday, September 28, 2015

HOPPY International Rabbit Day and a Bunny Victory Party Lunch at the Lazy Vegan!

Fun week!  It was HOPPY International Rabbit Day on Saturday and the bunnies celebrated by lounging more than usual indoors! And on Sunday, we had a bunny victory party lunch to celebrate the end of the sale of rabbit meat at Whole Foods Market!  So happy to have put that campaign behind us, and grateful for all the wonderful people I met during the process.  Now it is on to the next fight (and, sadly, there are many to pick from for the animals).

The bunnies had a gate-free "date" that lasted about 15 minutes...we may start doing this informal bonding thing to see how it goes!  Rufus was fine, but Wasabi eventually went over and gave him a bite.  RUDE!  And a bit funny since I know she actually adores his company - I can tell by the way they seek one another out and sit smack next to each other with the gate between them!

 I finally fixed two of the critter cameras and am back to capturing the amazing wildlife at the Lazy Vegan...don't miss the coyote and turkey encounter at the bottom of this post!  And a bobcat!

All the celebrating on HOPPY International Rabbit Day was exhausting for Rufus.

A little grooming on the deck!
 The weekly pose!

The foreman snapped this one of me with the kitchen crew.
Lounging in the evening.
Wasabi continues to enjoy her new found bed hopping routine!

It is quite the set-up in our bedroom at night!

Bravo all tucked in and snoring!

Nothing like a good tree to rub against.

Hanging out in the clean cabin.
More kick-back time!

Here we go...the gate-free "date"! The foreman has everything a bunny parent supervising some bonding time needs:  a potholder on his hand, a screen to separate them if needed, and a beer!

LOVE seeing them together with no gate between them!!

Amazing sunset.

You never quite know where you'll find Rufus.


Grooming by Bravo.

The princess helps herself to the bedroom with the aid of throw rugs.

Rufus has no trouble zooming down these steps when there is NO carpet - but Wasabi will go super slowly and tentatively when there is! And she won't go on them at all without carpet.

Contemplating the leap down.

I think Bravo might think he's one of the bunnies by now!

Lounging TOGETHER!

"Thumpers" hanging off the step!

Pretty much it is a household of expert loungers.

Weegie scratches an itch!
Rufus the statue.
Nice deck lounging on a warm evening.

Rufus is so fast he's a blur!

Wasabi's pout!

The ridiculous shadow!
More cute togetherness.

And grooming video above! 

My Martha Stewart moment:  I made a decorative party banner of bunny faces out of the old Whole Foods protest flyers!
The bunny victory party! Tara in the kitchen with Wasabi.

Bravo got very comfortable sitting on any lap he could!
A bunch of photos of Deborah with Paco!

Butt rub!

Lots of visitors!

I love this one!
Mingling and eating and drinking...

Bravo fit right in!

The donkeys were happy to come out for a walk!

Bunny snowglobe!
Fran with the bunnies!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!