Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Bed Hopping Bunny, a Heat Wave and a Scary Northern California Fire...at the Lazy Vegan

Whoa!  What a sizzling week at the Lazy Vegan it was!  We endured a heat wave pretty much the entire week.  I plastered the drape-less windows with sheets and tablecloths (which turned out to be kind of a nice look!) to keep the sun's glare out - and it helped keep the house wonderfully cool.  The bunnies had no idea it was over 100 degrees outside!  Bravo knew whenever I took him outside to do his biz that it was a scorcher!  The donkeys took more dust baths than usual and drank a ton of water - but they fare well on hot days in general.  And then a big & scary and too-close-for-comfort fire broke out in Lake County and now actually in our county...terrible.  I feel so sorry for all the people and animals displaced, and it is a huge reminder how quickly a disaster can hit.

Aside from the heat and fire, the biggest news was Miz Wasabi discovering that she can, indeed, make the huge leap up to our high bed.  The first night she discovered this it was a kick to wake up to the light padding of bunny paws hopping about - but after the 15th time it became a tad disruptive.  The issue is that once she hops up, she has a good old time rearranging our pillows and sheets and then seems to forget how to get back down.  And I'm concerned that the leap is too high to safely do...so I then wake up and turn on my Kindle to "light the way" for her descent.  This was fun and even charming the first time or two and then just annoying thereafter.  So we did what any crazy bunny lover would do - we made a little step out of a box just for her!  She's a bit unclear on the concept although does use it to hop up - but getting back down is still somewhat of a problem.  But no worries - who really needs sleep, anyway?!

Bravo kindly donated his extra leashes, some canned food and other supplies to the poor dogs now homeless due to the big Valley Fire.
The photo above?  Oh, just what Wasabi was working on during one of her bed hopping trips!
Bravo stands in front of the step designed for Wasabi.  Keep in mind that he also sleeps with us.  It is a ZOO.

King of his castle!

Deck time!

That bed-hopping bunny!

Super crashed Rufus.
Super crashed Rufus again!

That mug!
Get ready for...
The yawn!!
And the end of the yawn - which looks more like a SHOUT!
My cool house, draped in every sheet and tablecloth I own.

Luckily despite the heat, it did cool off each evening.

We think Wasabi is doing bold things like bed-hopping because she's lost a lot of weight and is more athletic now!

Silly donks!

For the first time ever, I brought the boys a popsicle.  HUGE HIT!

Whee - more deck time!

Another day, more window draping...

And more deck time!  Rufus loves the deck but I absolutely supervise him on it...am way too aware of aerial predators!

Cooling down in the evening.
Wasabi checks in with the rabbit door stop.

Cleaning those thumpers!

Hopping to it!

The tablecloths looked pretty on the windows.
Flopped out.

The dinner hour countdown.

Salad time!

Couch potatoes one morning.
The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week...still having issues!  Got this one video while "testing" one of the cameras...which was working till Paco knocked it over! Hopefully by next week I'll have one working camera. Otherwise, a purchase will have to be made!