Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Arrival of a Boatload of Hay that I am Allergic to, Adventure Deck Bunny and a Hoppy Holiday Weekend at the Lazy Vegan!

Just when I thought I was getting really hay savvy - with going to the feed store ahead of time to pick out "my" bales to be delivered - carefully inspecting the supply of orchard grass and blabbing to the clerks about my picky donkeys and house rabbits and so on...I went and ordered the biggest delivery ever (for the Lazy Vegan - about five months worth) and I am completely allergic to it!  I noticed I was sneezing at the feed store but thought that was because I was surrounded by hundreds of bales of all different types of hay, so I didn't pay much attention to it.  The good news is that the donkeys and bunnies are eating the hay just fine.  The bunnies actually seem to love it and the donkeys are picking through it more than the last stash - and I, meanwhile, break out in hives up and down my arms, get itchy eyes and even a bit wheezy and sneeze, sneeze, sneeze.  It IS getting a bit better since taking some precautions when I go to fix litter boxes and feed the donkeys (like wearing long sleeves) so my hope is that I am getting used to it!  There's definitely some kind of weed mixed in this time.  Since a lot of hay is in the house with the bunnies' litter boxes, I can't ever completely avoid it.  Anyway, this is the kind of seemingly mundane news that becomes  DRAMA and was the biggest upset of the week, for sure!  In other news, Rufus is happily exploring - loves going on the deck now (always with supervision) and even has started going up our staircase - he's a brave bun!  Wasabi has completely recovered from her bout of sickness and all is well...looking forward to cooler weather hopefully soon and to the new season of Fall!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow to my stepmom, Deb!!!  Hope the holiday birthday combo makes for a great day!

Deb a few years ago in Bodega Bay!

Deck time!

Bravo and Wasabi have been mingling a lot lately.

This cracks me up - since Wasabi won't go on the "bare" floor, I put down carpets so she would help herself into the bedroom at bedtime!

They're back - the turks!

Miz Wasabi and "Buddy".

Rufus lounging upstairs...

And downstairs!
Silly Wasabi!

More cuteness with Rufus and Bravo.

We've been going out to eat to celebrate some closed escrows - here we are at our favorite veggie restaurant, Slice of Life!

Adventure bun! This was the first time he went up so high on the staircase.  It is a bit daunting, since the steps are "open".  He was proud of himself!

It was like climbing a bunny mountain!

Afterwards, he came back down and just gave this adorable pose.

Dealing with the litter box full of hay I sneeze at!
SO much fun to have a visit from my long time friend Andree!  And I'll get to see her one more time before she leaves!
The animals were all happy to see her.

Bravo and Rufus do a lot of "nose bonks" lately.
On an outing with Grandma Snap at the Luther Burbank garden!

Bravo resting on top of the table afterwards.

Snap brought along her special rake to "clear the path" of pesty fallen olives that get squished in the bottom of shoes...

More deck time.

Wasabi settled into the bedroom at night...with the "allergic" hay right smack there!
Bravo is wondering when he can fall asleep.
Getting ready to nap.

At his perch!

Donkeys at attention!

Paco and the tree!



Rufus roaming around the bedroom.

Just relaxing with Bear.

Beautiful visitor right out the kitchen window!

Serious Wasabi.
On the move again...
Thinking of hopping up...
Whee!!  (I just love watching her do this!).

Donkey time!


Hopping to it!

More donkey time.

My new hairstylist!

The weekly pose!

Went to Amy's Veggie Drive Thru again this week and met the owner, Rachel!  I had met her before outside of Whole Foods while protesting there.  So thrilled the business is doing so well!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!

Critter cams are ALL broken but I just fixed one this afternoon ...so stay tuned for new videos NEXT week! So bummed that I have nothing to show ... and I know the critters are all out there!