Sunday, September 20, 2015

Victory for the Bunnies - Whole Foods Market to STOP the Sale of Rabbit Meat!

The bunnies WON!  What a fantastic week it has been with the news that Whole Foods Market is stopping the sale of rabbit meat, effective January 1st, 2016!!!!!  NBC Bay Area did a follow up story to their first investigative report that aired back in May - and this time Wasabi got some air time!  Scroll down to bottom of this post for the second video (along with the first video still posted).  I had a great celebration lunch with some bunny friends today and we are having a big party here next weekend, too!  This is a big victory for the bunnies - had Whole Foods succeeded in trying to mainstream rabbit meat, other stores likely would have followed suit.  Of course, tons of bunnies are still being slaughtered so the fight continues (as it will for ALL animals)...but it was very encouraging and inspiring to know that activism is alive and well!  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY this coming week to my nephew, Drew - first dude on the left in this photo from his younger days!

Rufus and Wasabi "sharing" a meal of hay.

The foreman with some new plants for the garden!

Hanging out in the morning.  Rufus is wondering why Bravo takes so many naps!

Deck time!

Bunnies "hydrating" at their water bowls at the same time!
Bed time!

Wasabi has the routine down - up and down her step to the bed!

There is the step we created out of a sturdy box with a rug on top!

Hopping down!
Celebrating with three of my bunny friends (and all-around amazing animal activists!).

After lunch, we went into Whole Foods Market to talk to the manager to say "YAY" for no more rabbit meat!!
OMG - it RAINED earlier this week - and there was even MUD!

Bravo snuggles with the foreman.

Fun at Grandma Snap's house, where Bravo has no problem jumping up on everything!

The ears!

Getting ready for...
A yawn!!
Beautiful and silly Wasabi.

Window seat exploring.

Rainy day in the barn!

The weekly (wet) pose!

Had so much fun catching up with my old friend Jennie!

Her basket of dinosaurs for a teaching assignment!
The boys looking out the door!

That little toy bed gets a lot of use!
It was cold when it rained - hence, the first fire of the season was built!

Silly wabbit.

Time to clean up around the corral.

The boys "helped".

MORE napping!

Good morning!

Another weekly pose!

And ANOTHER good morning!!  I love Wasabi's expression in this one!
Paco is such a tree hugger.

Dust bath!!

Dramatic roll-over by Rufus.

The donkeys don't seem to mind the heat - they even run around in it!

So great to see them run around and having fun.

Rainy morning running around time, too!

This is just the new routine at bed time!  She will hop up a few times during the night but it isn't really disruptive any more.  But it IS super cute!  There's nothing quite like waking up to a bunny's face inches away from your own!

Wasabi and her stacking cup toys.

Bravo comes to congratulate Rufus on the victory for the bunnies!

NO CRITTER CAM VIDEOS THIS WEEK.  Still have issues with ALL the cameras!